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In Search Of The Best College For Me: Abilene Christian University

Educating students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

In Search Of The Best College For Me: Abilene Christian University
In Search Of The Best College For Me: Abilene Christian University

When you are in the search for the best Christian college, you already have a mental list of what you want out of a college. You want to be sure they offer the major you want to study, you want excellent teachers to receive the best education possible, and you want it to be affordable.  Therefore, it is important to not just focus on one particular school but to research many. Abilene Christian University is a top-rated school and may fall under your radar. Here is a brief overview of what ACU has to offer.

About Abilene Christian University

    • Location – Abilene Christian University is in Abilene, Texas. The city is in northeast Texas about 150 miles west of Ft. Worth.
    • Ratings – ACU is rated number 8 on the list of the Best Christian Colleges in Texas by Niche. It also has received top ratings from Forbes and The Princeton Review. They are a Top Producer of Fulbright Students for 2018-2019.
    • Denomination Affiliation – This university is affiliated with the Church of Christ denomination and predominantly centered around the Stone-Campbell heritage of faith, which is based on New Testament teachings.

Campus Life

The decision-making process has a lot of components. At the top of that list is what a college has to offer. Where you are going to live, how many other students are in attendance, as well as what you will do with free time all play into an exciting college experience.

    • Living Accommodations – According to Niche, 86% of first-year students live on campus. Freshmen and Sophomores must live in Residence Halls; upperclassmen can live in campus apartments.
    • Academics – The school has a little over 3500 students. They have a student to faculty ratio of 14 to one.
    • Student Life – Extracurricular activities include: Academic, Athletic, Special Interest, and Honors programs, clubs, and organizations. As well as various Fraternity and Sorority organizations.

Popular Majors at Abilene Christian University

There are 70 degree programs in 135 areas of study. Each rooted in a Christian-based curriculum.

    • Online – ACU offers both Undergraduate and Graduate online degree programs.
    • Undergraduate – Business and Psychology are the most popular majors for students. Among the other 68 include Accounting, Biblical Studies, Nursing, Liberal Arts, Biology, and Elementary Education.
    • Graduate – ACU also offers over 30 programs for Graduate study. Masters in Divinity, Accounting, and Science are among the graduate programs. Doctorates in Ministry is also available.

Admissions Requirements

According to Niche, Abilene Christian University has a 58% acceptance rate.

    • Grades – They, like most colleges, require a High School or previous College transcript or equivalent.
    • Scores – Primarily they look for an SAT Score of 1020-1220 and an ACT score of 21-26.
    • Fees – Along with your application, there is a $50 application fee.
    • Cost – The cost of attending Abilene Christian University for a fulltime Freshman before grant, scholarships, and financial aid is around 47K per year; this includes room and board but varies depending on the hall and meal program you select.

The Final Word

Abilene Christian University has much to offer incoming students. As a reminder that all first-year and second-year students are required to live on campus, except those who are Abilene residents living in their parents’ home.

The base cost is on the higher end of the scale, however financial aid is available to qualifying students, which can dramatically reduce the cost of attending ACU.

In conclusion, as with any major decision in your life, you must consider your choice from all perspectives. What it has to offer you toward your calling, where it is located, as well as the cost of attending. It is important to spend much time in prayer and seeking Godly advice from trusted individuals. God will show you the way you should go, the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies today, and the furtherance of your education.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.


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