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In the Middle of the Middle Trimester

The middle of the journey can be monotonous and impatient, but often that is where God does His greatest work in us.

In the Middle of the Middle Trimester
In the Middle of the Middle Trimester

The month of May has arrived. There is an old saying that, “April showers bring forth May flowers.” This gives evidence that much like the Resurrection Day celebration presents us with the hope of new life, it also presents us with another aspect of this year that we are acknowledging as a season of new birthing. As I pondered what the month of May means for the body of Christ, I could not help but realize its position.  

9 Months

The timespan from January to September is nine months out of the year. Nine months is the timeframe that women carry a child in the womb and then give birth. The medical community often speaks of birthing in stages: first, second, and third trimester. Each trimester is significant and there is something unique that can be expected at each stage.  

My wife has given birth to three beautiful children. One thing she emphasizes is that in the first trimester, there’s very little physical evidence that anything is going on; that is, except for the uncomfortable morning sickness that some women are challenged with. The second trimester is a period in which evidence of growth begins to take place. If you are trying to keep it a secret, by this time, it becomes quite difficult to do that. In the third trimester, the child is close to full development and is ready to come forth. In many instances, the baby is pressing, moving around, kicking, and making their presence known in uncomfortable ways. 

The Middle

It is in this second trimester that I am acknowledging where many of us may spiritually be at this present time. Yet, it’s not just the second or middle trimester, we’re now in the middle of the middle trimester. For many, you may find that you have done much of the early work of making preparation, feeding on the word, and other things. However, you may be moving into a period where you are becoming frustrated by the thought of what is coming. Birthing can at times be both exciting and terrifying. You may wonder if you have done enough. You may begin to question yourself and even “why now” or “how did you get to this point?”

The middle of the middle trimester should be as a season of grace and favor; not just because it is the fifth month, but because you know that you are halfway through a process. While you’re in the middle of it all, it may begin to feel uncomfortable. This may be due to God having you in a place that you are not familiar. Often, it is in those moments that God is bringing us to a new or unfamiliar place so that when the time is right, no one can claim the credit for what has been produced.  

If you had any faith at all before this journey, rest assured knowing that God is going to see you all the way through to the other side. Yes, this may be the beginning season of pressure for you, but the pressure signals expansion and the need for space for the greatness that is coming. What is in you is great. Relish that greatness and rejoice that God has said this is the acceptable and appointed time. 

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