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In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Canada Christian College

Training and equipping students for a powerful and effective ministry as servants of Jesus Christ

In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Canada Christian College
In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Canada Christian College

When considering an education abroad, one does not normally consider Canada. While it is technically a foreign country (people primarily speak French) since it is an easy hop, skip, or jump over our northern border, no one considers it foreign. Canada has much to offer in terms of a college education. Canada Christian College is an option for those seeking a solid Biblically-based education that will prepare them for the ministry.

About Canada Christian College

Canada Christian College is in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. It is just miles from Ontario, Canada and across Lake Ontario from Rochester, NY. They were founded in 1967, and the McVety family has been involved with the school into the present day, many serving on staff as board members and professors. For 50 years, they have held to a high standard of excellence, and it is one of the most recognized colleges in Canada. It is not held by any denomination but seems to be non-denominational. However, they do hold to strict Biblical standards.

Campus Life

The campus life of a college institution is an enormous part of why a child selects one school over another. One wants to be able to feel at home, but experience life in a whole new world as well. Here is what to expect at Canada Christian College.

    • Living Accommodations – Unfortunately, this school does not offer on-campus housing for students. However, the area does have many student housing options from apartments to condos. Individual complexes manage the rentals, not the college.
    • Facilities – The campus offers state of the art classrooms with a modern look to them. They also have a 10,000-foot research facility with a large library, computer research center, and a student lounge. The campus is currently expanding to include a performance theater and a new athletic complex.
    • Spiritual Life – At CCC, one of the main focuses in the education process is a strong commitment to Christian principles in life and business. Students are expected to live according to high standards, in strict obedience to God’s word. In fact, it is a requirement that students upon enrolling sign a commitment statement that they will hold to the standards with no mental reservation. The school even requires the faculty to sign this statement.
    • Student Life – By being a smaller school, time with a professor is more accessible than most colleges. They have a 10:1 faculty to student ratio and offer 14 degrees across seven departments; all centered around the Ministry.
    • Diversity – CCC is a global outreach university. They have 13 affiliated facilities worldwide and host attendees from all over the world. In total, the school represents over sixty nationalities.

Popular Majors at Canada Christian College

Canada Christian college offers seven-degree programs with different means of delivering coursework.

    • Online – CCC offers students an Online Learning program. However, it currently only has degree programs available in Counselling and Theology.
    • Undergraduate – First, Bachelor’s Degree programs include Theology, Creative Pastor, Business, Leadership and Community, Counseling, Religious Education, and Sacred Music.
    • Graduate – Next, Master’s programs include: Divinity, Theological Studies, Christian Counseling, and Sacred Music.
    • Post Graduate – Finally, Doctorate degrees include: Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Sacred Music.
  • Canada Christian College also offers One-year Certificate Courses. These courses include Bible, Christian Counselling, and Worship Leadership.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – CCC requires students to submit an official High School or previous College transcript with the application.
    • Fees – When you submit your application and documents, there is a non-refundable application and administration fee of $75.
    • Cost – The cost of attending Canada Christian College is less expensive than most institutions. Their credit hours for an undergraduate begin at $210 per credit hour. Most courses are three credit hours.

The Final Word

Canada Christian College is a highly respected institution in the province of Ontario. They hold to a much higher standard than you would normally see in a Christian college or university. It first begins with the commitment statement. Students cannot take this form lightly. Violation can place you on suspension up to and including disqualification from attending the school.

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available at CCC. Scholarships and grants (Canadians call them Bursaries.) These are gifts based on the student’s needs. However, if the student fails to maintain the GPA standard set out by Canada Christian College, they are in violation. This standard includes the student commitment statement, that gift can become a loan and then must be repaid.

Understand, selecting a college, it is the most significant decision made in a teen’s life; they must carefully examine everything. Make sure the school is in line with the calling from God. Time spent in prayer and seeking Godly advice is imperative. God will always direct a believer in the way they should go, the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies today, and the furtherance of a child’s education.

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