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In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Florida Christian University

The University that understands you.

In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Florida Christian University
In The Search Of The Best College For Me: Florida Christian University

Many students are planning the next step in their education. This will be the year High School Seniors make major decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. While a college education is not on everyone’s radar, many will look to sign up with a college or university. From a California college to a Florida University, opportunities lay from coast to coast, even perhaps in another part of the world.  Florida Christian University is among the institutions that make themselves available for a teen’s future.

About Florida Christian University

Florida Christian University is in Orlando. It is located the central portion of the state, not far from Disney World and Sea World. This campus is not like most colleges. For one, there are no dormitories or any on-campus housing. The area does have many student housing options, but one would inquire of a real estate agent for information. Secondly, the tuition structure is a bit different, as well. FCU is an independent college and does not tie itself to any specific denomination.

 Campus Life

The campus life of a university is crucial to the decision-making process. If you are not going to enjoy the school you attend, it will make classes difficult. Here is a bit of info on life at Florida Christian University.

    • Living Accommodations – Again, Florida Christian University does not have on-campus housing for students. The area does have many student housing options. The lack of dorm rooms helps the cost of attending remain lower than most institutions.
    • Spiritual Life – The education process has a strong commitment to Christian principles in life and business.
    • Student Life – FCU is a global outreach university. They have attendees from all over the world. Forty-five countries are represented by three different languages of teaching.

Popular Majors at Florida Christian University

Florida Christian University offers five degree programs with different means of delivering coursework.

    • Online – FCU offers students an Online Learning program, visit the site for details.
    • Undergraduate – Associate and Bachelor’s Degree programs surround Business, Coaching, Counseling, Education, and Theology
    • Graduate – FCU Master’s program includes Business Administration in various forms, Coaching, Clinical Counseling, Education, Marital and Family Therapy, Principled Education, and Theology.
    • Post Graduate – Doctor of Philosophy degrees include Business Administration in various forms, Coaching, Clinical Counseling, Education, and Theology.
    • Post Doctorate – If you desire to continue a post-doctorate, there are two fields to explore, Business Administration and Education.

Florida Christian University also offers Certificate Courses. However, these courses are only available in Portuguese at the moment. The curriculum is currently in development and will eventually include the Spanish and English languages.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – FCU asks for an official High School or previous College transcript or equivalent. A potential student submits these forms with the application.
    • Fees – When you submit your application and documents, there is a non-refundable application and administration fee of $260.
    • Cost – The cost of attending Florida Christian University is different than most institutions. It is not entirely based on credit hours in that you pay for each class individually. The payment is structured into monthly payments. Payment varies depending on the degree you are pursuing, and scales with each advancement.
    • Course Structure – A unit of credit is based on the academic hour. For example, one semester credit equals 15 academic hours. The standard course is a three-semester credit course that consists of 45 academic hours.

The Final Word

Florida Christian University, while a different type of school, has a broad international following. This gives the ability for long-distance learning globally; 45 nations worth. It also has strong reaches here in the states. With many of the nuances of a traditional campus left behind, it brings back the term affordability, to a college education.

Financial Aid and Scholarships are not available at FCU. However, once again, the lower costs and the ability to develop a low monthly payment renders financial aid unnecessary. Visit the tuition page for further details.

Selecting a college is one of the most important decisions to make; you must look at every aspect in detail. Make sure the school is in line with your calling. Spend time in prayer and seeking Godly advice from trusted individuals. God will show you the way you should go, the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies today, and the furtherance of your education.

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