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In the Search of the Best College for Me: Ozark Christian College

Training men and women for Christian service for over 75 years.

In the Search of the Best College for Me: Ozark Christian College
In the Search of the Best College for Me: Ozark Christian College

When a Christian teen begins their search for a suitable Christian college, they want a balance of Biblical studies, Academics, and, let’s face it, a dose of college life. Ozark Christian College provides an excellent mixture of all three. Their primary focus of teaching the Bible through academic studies helps prepare a student for ministry. There is also the home away from home, and campus life students seek; building relationships that will last a lifetime.

About Ozark Christian College

    • Location – This Southwestern Missouri college is in the city of Joplin. It is just a few miles away from the Oklahoma and Kansas borders.
    • Accreditation – Ozark Christian College is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education; they offer students two-year Associates and four-year Bachelor’s degrees.
    • Ranking – The school ranks at number 8 on the best colleges for Religious Study in America according to Niche.
    • Denomination Affiliation – The college holds to its roots within the Stone-Campbell heritage that seeks the unity of all Christians based on the authority of the Bible for the evangelism of the world.

Campus Life

While Ozark Christian College is a small school, it has much to offer students. One of the primary considerations a prospective student makes is on the campus life of the college. Now, if you are looking for a large university, then this college campus may not give you what you are looking for. But if you are seeking smaller class sizes, then this college may be the right choice for you.

    • Living Accommodations – Students who have more than eight credit hours are required to live on campus. The campus has six residence halls; Three for men and three for women.
    • Population – The small college has an attendance of around 450 students. They have a student to faculty ratio of 15:1. By being a smaller size, they are competitive regarding the application; they have a 49% admission rate.
    • Student Life – Ozark Christian College provides a regular schedule of student activities to strengthen the community of the student body. Activities include music, ministry, and sports. Athletics include Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Cross country, Men’s Soccer, and Women’s Volleyball.
    • Spiritual Life –Weekly chapel services are the heartbeat of student life at Ozark Christian College. The campus offers a preparation center called LAMP. It offers mentoring, discipleship, counseling, and leadership development courses.

Popular Majors at Ozark Christian College

The small college offers 18 degree programs. Each provides a path to either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.

    • Undergraduate – They offer three programs for Associates and 18 programs for the Bachelor. Their most popular degree is in Biblical Studies. They also offer degree programs for Church Planting and Music and Worship, among others.
    • Online Programs – Ozark Christian College offers an Online Degree Program that helps distance learners earn a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies.

Admissions Requirements

    • Grades – Ozark Christian College requires a High School transcript or previous College credit hours completed or equivalent. They also require an ACT, CLT, or SAT scores. Minimum range for SAT is 990-1240; ACT is 19-25.
    • Fees – There is no application fee, but after acceptance is a $100 enrollment deposit.
    • Cost – The cost of attendance for a full-time student before financial aid is just over 19K per year; this includes room and board, but not books or other personal expenses.

The Final Word

Ozark Christian College offers scholarships and grants to finance your education. There is also an option to have an on-campus job to help fund your studies.

Finding the right college is the first major decision a young adult will make. The decision process includes, following God’s call, the right location, and finally; the cost. One must keep in mind that God will always guide you to the college or university He has for them. However, this requires time in prayer and sound advice from trusted mentors. Through multiple perspectives, you will gain assurance of choices made. Also, remember that the promise God gave to Isaiah still applies to you today.

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