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Insight Learned From The Sale Of My (Lemon Of A) Car

How to develop character

Insight Learned From The Sale Of My (Lemon Of A) Car
Insight Learned From The Sale Of My (Lemon Of A) Car

Attraction of Things

I own an MG 120 TF convertible sports car which I have had for 11 years. It has been my weekend car and used mainly for pleasure. However, over the years I have had various mechanical problems with it, especially in regards to over-heating. I had three mechanics look at it, and, to date, they have not been able to solve the problem. After this insight about its condition, I decided to put it on sale a year ago without much success. This year I decided to drop the price and had one young buyer. He saw the car and decided he wanted it. I was not too sure if it was wise for him to use it for everyday use. However, he was adamant about buying it and I was relieved to sell it. The car did not get him home because it overheated. So the sale was canceled and the car taken to the garage for further repairs.

Insight: Inside vs Outside

While reflecting on the whole experience, I thought I would share some insight. The car looks beautiful and has spent most of its life undercover in a garage. I have seen it as my pride and joy despite all the repairs and expenses over the years. We have had some miraculous escapes and experiences together. However, the outside did not match the inside. The inside was still troubled. This insight made me think of the human condition. We too can look good on the outside but the true test is how we look on the inside. Character is what makes the difference between survival and trouble. God was teaching me that all that looks good on the outside may not be so on the inside. How much time do we spend on projecting a nice image but we are struggling inside with torment? What if others could see our true inside and not just the handsome outside?

God wants fellowship with us

God is after a relationship with us which is full of faith and trust in Him. There are no short cuts. We are either for Him or against Him. Superficial relationships to please people will not last in times of stress. We need to regularly spend time with Him in fellowship to build up our inner selves. What proportion of our time do we spend in intimate communion with Him? Will He say, “I know you and you are mine, good and faithful child?” I think the young man was taken up by the looks of the car and soon realized he had bought a lemon. Let us grow in our character by spending time with Jesus so that we can last the distance.

John Mathai

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