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Israel’s Interesting Contributions To The World

Israel’s Interesting Contributions To The World
Israel’s Interesting Contributions To The World

The country of Israel is only 8,000 square miles. That’s around the size of the US state, Massachusetts. Despite its geographical size, it has made significant and interesting contributions to technology, innovation, and even special occasions that impacted the whole world. The list below are some of its amazing creations:

Interesting Contributions

    1. Israel’s engineers at Motorola R&D center developed the original cellphone technology. This was the starting point of smartphones today.
    2. Israel’s banknotes are designed with a Braille system so that the blind can accurately identify them.
    3. The Java platform inside Amazon’s Kindle was developed in Israel.
    4. Israel developed the famous traffic app WAZE. Google bought the program for a reported $1.3 billion.
    5. Voice mail technology was first introduced in Israel.
    6. IDF or Israel Defense Forces is a leader in saving people from natural or artificial disasters. Even on short notice, its Search and Rescue has operated in many countries, including Mexico, Kenya, India, Turkey and the US.
    7. Bus stop mini-libraries, offering books free of charge, were first launched in Israel in 2011. These have inspired other countries for similar initiatives.
    8. Two professors created the first cherry tomatoes at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University.
    9. A company in Israel developed the first ingestible video camera that aids doctors in diagnosing digestive disorders and cancers.
    10. Israel leads the world in medical clowning. It is the first country to send medical clowns into COVID-19 wards.
    11. An Israeli businesswoman, Shari Arison, initiated a Good Deeds Day. It encourages people to help each other out. In 2007, 7,000 Israelis joined the movement. In 2009, 3.9 million people took part in 108 countries across the globe.
    12. A company in Israel developed an atmospheric water generator that can create clean drinking water from the air. The innovation has been distributed to disaster situations in the world.
    13. Israel pilots the development of an AI system that helps lifeguards protect swimmers on the beaches. The program gives real-time data on the wind, waves, and other possible hazards.
    14. An Israeli company creates a revolutionary spray-on skin made of nanofiber that accelerates the healing of wounds. It aims to replace the use of bandages.
    15. Another Israeli company has developed a paint that uses sunlight to activate a cooling mechanism on cars, buildings, planes, and even clothing. The hotter it is, the more the coating cools.

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