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Intimacy With God, Really?

It's not just an idea - it can be your reality.

Intimacy With God, Really?
Intimacy With God, Really?

There is a lot of talk about intimacy these days but any teaching, study, method or process to learn how to find intimacy with God is of very limited value. This is because it can only be experienced not learned!  It is an extraordinary and “otherworldly” thing to experientially “know” the overshadowing presence, the whisper of breath and the embrace of God. To physically and spiritually feel the embrace of our Abba and Jesus can be your experience and it’s absolutely unlike anything else! 

When reference is made in the Bible to us “knowing” God it is using the same root word as is used to describe the physical union between spouses. Intimacy is our priority, its earth’s necessity, heaven’s reality, and our destiny. Intimacy produces authority, reveals strategy and awakens possibility. It’s the reason Jesus came, it’s the call to know and be known. It’s our greatest and most noble pursuit and assignment. And it has the capacity to change everything under its influence and it is the deep cry of every human heart. Intimacy with God is uniquely life-enhancing.

Is intimacy with God exciting to you?

Here’s a message for you from God: “Look for my face before you look for my hand”.

What does that mean to you?                                                               

Intimacy with God is the “pearl of great price”. It’s the longing of our heart (whether we know it or not) but also of His. If you don’t believe me, ask Him! When God created you from His imagination He designed you to reflect Him. He did this because He wanted to extend the intimacy they share to include you!

What’s your response to that?   

The great desire of the Trinity is to be with you, the great desire of the devil is to separate you.                                                                                                 

Who are you collaborating with? 

Be mindful of your “diet” – not just meaning food, but the things you consume on a daily basis.  Be mindful of things you watch, read, people you talk to, social media, news, etc.  All of these things influence your thoughts and beliefs.  Make sure you are collaborating with God and not with the things of this world.


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