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Introverts And Evangelism Can Work – Proven To Be True!

Introverts And Evangelism Can Work – Proven To Be True!
Introverts And Evangelism Can Work – Proven To Be True!

We are called to go and make disciples of all nations, therefore we are called to evangelize and preach the good news to the lost and to those who haven’t heard of it yet. But for some, talking to people requires a lot of courage and skills. Not all people love to talk to people. Not everyone is born with an extroverted attitude wherein they can easily converse to people even if they just met them. Introverts, on the other hand, find it really difficult to converse with people they just met. They are normally shy and don’t want to be on the crowd. They are terrified to talk publicly, and if you tell them to say ‘Hi’ to someone they don’t know, they just want to hide or disappear.

But does being an introvert holds people back in evangelizing? You would think that you have to have a special personality and you should be born as an extrovert for you to evangelize and minister to people, but it’s not. Being an extrovert is not a necessity.

We have different personalities. That’s the beauty of uniqueness God made in each of us. But it doesn’t mean that God uses people better based on their personalities. God is more glorified when people allow Him to immerse them in His personality and allow Him to bring people past their personalities.

God has a personality and He possesses us. God has a love that possesses us, enabling Him to take us past our personalities.

This video of Shawn Bolz put language to what introverts always felt about themselves.

Are you an introvert? Do you think your personality is a hindrance to reaching out to the lost? Well, this video is about an introvert telling the Good News and Jesus to strangers. The struggle is real! But so is God. Take time to watch this and tell us how much can you relate!


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