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Is A Christian Private School Right For My Children?

“Apply your heart to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge.” – Proverbs 23:12

Is A Christian Private School Right For My Children?
Is A Christian Private School Right For My Children?

It is a sign of the times. As public schools get more anti-Christian, the more parents look for alternatives to educate their children. From homeschooling to a Christian private school, there are options to continue a child’s education while maintaining a Godly atmosphere.

The Benefits of a Christian Private School

Taking the reins from the public education system is not always an easy process, but the rewards can outweigh the sacrifices made. Here are just a few of the benefits of a Christian private school.

    • How they are funded – One of the main differences is that private schools do not receive funding through governmental entities. Generally, they are funded through a Christian organization, a religious denomination, and the tuition students pay as they attend the school.
    • The curriculum they teach – Since funding does not come through the state or federal means; the schools have more control over what they teach. What public schools shun; private schools embrace. This includes teaching the Bible and approaching subjects with a Christian theology versus a secular and worldly approach.
    • Surrounded by like-minded individuals – Another benefit of attending a private school is that people would not pay for schooling if they did not believe in the subject matter being taught by the school. Therefore, your child finds like-minded students in an atmosphere that is more receptive to the teaching of God’s Word.

The Downside of a Christian Private School

As with all good things, there are downsides. As mentioned before, sending a child to private school, sacrifices need to be made. However, it is an acceptable tradeoff for the benefits they provide.

    • The cost – This is the biggest downside to attending a Christian private school. Most private educational facilities require tuition of some sort. And to be honest, it could be quite costly. Just like a college, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Some schools will even offer discounts to children of those in the ministry and members of the church the school affiliates with.
    • Transportation – Not every neighborhood has a private school available. And in many cases, there is no bus transportation, especially if the school is in another town. However, some larger Christian private schools do offer local transportation, but that would be a school by school issue.
    • Some rules to follow – Attending a Christian school comes with a certain set of rules. Some are similar to what one expects in a public school, such as the behavior and treatment of others. Many private schools take some rules a step further. For instance, attendees must hold to certain doctrinal beliefs. These would be denominationally based and do vary from school to school. In addition, many private schools have instituted a uniform system that all students must adhere to.

The Final Word

When you consider sending your child to a Christian private school you must weigh your decision in light of the positives as well as the negatives. The positives of a solid Christian education but at the expense of it having a price tag. If it is still something you believe that God is urging you to do, then He will provide the school and the way for your child to attend.

The first place to look is within the church you attend. If they do not have a private school available, chances are they can direct you to a church or organization that does offer educational options. Another idea is to do a simple browser search for your area. Then you can search and learn about each school and what they provide. You can also see the differences in tuition costs and make an educated decision as to if a Christian private school is right for your child.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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