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Is An Online Bible College The Same As A Physical Bible College?

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. – Sydney J. Harris

Is An Online Bible College The Same As A Physical Bible College?
Is An Online Bible College The Same As A Physical Bible College?

As a student approaches graduation day, they face the important facts of life. One, they are now adults and must face grown-up issues. Two, they are entering a new and exciting world filled with endless possibilities. And three, they have absolutely no idea what they are doing. You have gone through it, and now your kids are facing reality called life. Now higher education awaits them. Whether it be on a physical campus or an online Bible college, life is just beginning.

Most students will choose to walk the halls of a Christian college campus. However, many others cannot. For whatever reason, they accept the option of attending an online Bible college. But are they the same? Or is a college degree different than an online degree?

The Similarities of an Online Bible College

If you are worried that taking online courses will hold you back, think again. There are many similarities between a brick-and-mortar school and long-distance learning.

    • Same Curriculum – An online Bible college teaches from the same books as the students sitting in the classroom.
    • Same Degree – When you finally graduate, your degree will carry the same merit as if you walked the stage after four years of college life. Although, sometimes the online school itself can bring a certain weight or lack thereof. When selecting an online Bible college, make sure it is reputable and not just known for online degrees. This name could have an impact on how employers view your degree, even though it is still an accredited college degree.
    • Same Opportunities – Since you have the same degree, there is no hindrance to your employment opportunities.

The Differences of an Online Bible College

Just as there are similarities, there are differences. But most of these differences are positive, rather than negative.

    • Different Setting – The first, and primary, difference is the setting. With an online degree, the student is not sitting in a classroom, living in a dorm, or pledging a fraternity or sorority. They are taking their classes from the comfort of their home, or wherever they so choose to do their online coursework. You are also not limited to which school you can attend. If the college offers classes in your state, then you can enroll in that college.
    • Different Timing – Next, with attending a physical college, classroom times are set, and students must attend those classes to get credit. If they miss classes, they will either not pass or get dropped from it. With an online Bible college, you set your schedule. This is one of the major benefits of online classes. While there is a timeline a course must be taken, when those sessions take place is up to the student.
    • Different Costs – The significant difference in cost surrounds not having to pay room and board and other campus-related fees. The cost per credit hour may or may not be more than an enrolled campus student would pay. Books are also a cost-saving feature, as many of the books could be offered online as opposed to a physical book.
    • Different Communication – This is one area that will differ from school to school. Some online Bible colleges offer an assistance hotline, access to the professor on some level, or an online community for students.

Where can I enroll?

If you are considering going to school through an online college, there are many ways to discover which college best suits you.

    • Guidance Counselor If you are a student that is still in High School speak to your guidance counselor. They will be able to provide you with the names and requirements of each school you would like to attend.
    • School Websites – You can also do a web browser search for colleges and research their online programs. Remember to keep in mind that while you will receive the same degree, regardless of campus or online status, the name of the college can have both positives and negatives when it comes to the employer for which you will apply.
    • Review Sites – This is also a beneficial way to search for an online Bible college. Review sites will give you the pros and cons, tuition costs, and requirements all wrapped up in one place. However, keep in mind the refresh rate of the review. Tuition and availability can change year to year, even from semester to semester.

The Final Word

The great new adventure is before you as a college student. It is understandable if your plans for attending a college campus experience a set back due to an unforeseen circumstance. Life happens. From family issues and personal illnesses to poor choices and financial situations, any of these can hinder your ability to go away to college. This is where the online Bible college can help you continue your education amid living life’s adversities.

An online Bible college is not only an option for high school graduates. Most colleges offer degrees to those who are further along in life, those who want to return to school. Maybe a job promotion requires a degree, or they want to get a college education as part of a life goal. Either way, there is an online degree for you. It takes commitment and determination, but with guidance from the Lord, anything is possible for those that believe.


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