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Is It Possible To Be Led By The Holy Spirit All The Time?

Is It Possible To Be Led By The Holy Spirit All The Time?
Is It Possible To Be Led By The Holy Spirit All The Time?

Jesus promised to send His Holy Spirit after He had ascended to the Father. He filled the disciples with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost as promised. Once they were filled they were led by the Holy Spirit to turn the world right side up. Is this possible today?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His word is a now word and never changes. Therefore, it is possible to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit. The only hindrance is the extent of our surrender. Total detachment from this world and all earthly desires is necessary for this kind of life. Jesus surrendered all to His Father even to death on the Cross. We too must be prepared to walk in His foot steps.


Why are so few walking in this path? I believe this is because we are still attached to things in this world. Our flesh still seeks honour and pleasure in this world. Death to self is not easy but is the only way to a full life in the Spirit. Our flesh tends to protest and not give in to the Spirit. The flesh fights against the Spirit. So our arch enemy is our flesh, and the world and the devil conspire with our flesh to war against our spirit. However we have the victory because the Holy Spirit dwells within us to overcome all things that war against us. This is our privilege and authority. Death to self is a process. Some are able to do so more quickly than others.


Yes, it is possible to be led by the Spirit all the time. God desires that we all be filled and led by the Spirit. This is to live the heavenly life on earth. His life in us is the answer to all our battles. He is the overcomer and He lives in us. All we need to do is surrender to Him each time we are challenged by our flesh. Death to the flesh is the only way to live in the Spirit. We are spirit beings on an earthly journey. Our spirit is eternal while our flesh is mortal. Therefore let us be filled with the Spirit and be led by the Spirit.

John Mathai

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