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Is Your Fear Of Pride Making You Prideful?

God’s dreams for us are bigger than we think!

Is Your Fear Of Pride Making You Prideful?
Is Your Fear Of Pride Making You Prideful?

Is your fear of pride making you prideful? I realize that may sound like a crazy question, but I run into so many people who have a hard time believing what God says about them because they’re afraid of being prideful.

God’s dreams for us are always bigger than we ever think for ourselves. How often do you get stuck in the thought process of, “I need to get this cleaned out of my life first before God can use me”? It might even be subconscious; turning down opportunities because you don’t feel qualified.

Or how about the last time you responded to a compliment? Did you accept it or create an excuse as to why you didn’t really deserve it? So often, even when it’s the Lord promoting us because He knows what’s in our hearts, we hold back from accepting it and shining.

It’s Ok To Shine

I know all of us parents can testify that we just love it when our kids shine. But for some reason, whether it’s society or our parents or whatever in life, we’ve been taught that it’s not ok to like the limelight. It’s not ok to like being seen. It’s not ok to like being shown off by God.

Not only that, but many of us dampen our own shine in order to stay connected to the people around us, because we’re afraid of outrunning those people closest to us.

For years I hid the crazy favor on my life because I lost friends due to it. I had people that resented me, and were really jealous of the things happening in my life. I had to stay in this place where God’s truth was going to be louder than the resentments of my friends. It doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt my heart. But, if I let that hold me back, I  would have never stepped into the destiny God has for me.

Choose Your Belief System

When God uses you powerfully, it’s ok to enjoy it! Saying, “Oh yeah, I’m not anything, it’s all God” is not being humble. That is prideful because you are choosing to stay in a mindset that is not what God is saying, and that is you choosing your belief system over God’s, which is pride.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time” (1 Peter 5:6). People often miss that part of humbling yourself means you have to let God lift you up!

Whenever God raises you up, it’s ok to like it and own it. It’s when we come in with those thought processes of, “Well, I’m not completely sin free,” or “I still struggle with this,” or any of that kind of stuff, that we stay locked in pride—thinking it’s up to us to make ourselves worthy of what He freely gives.

I remember when I was getting ready to go to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, the Lord said to me, “You are so afraid of pride that you won’t even allow confidence. It is ok to be confident in what I am saying!”

Who Does God Say You Are?

As I walked that out, I got accused of pride and arrogance. But the fact is that now I’m 47 years old, and through all that’s gone on in the last 8 years since God first found me in the psych ward,

I am confident it’s totally ok for me to say, “I love me. You know what? I like me. I know who I am. And I know where I’m going. I know what God’s doing with me and I know that it’s only just starting.” And I know I have crazy favor on my life, I live in abundance, and I know that I abide in Him. And saying those things and believing those things does not make me prideful.

I feel like the difficulty level for people to abide in God’s truth and what He is saying about them is so difficult right now. I just want to challenge you. Where did you learn that it wasn’t ok to believe and love yourself the way God does?

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