Israel Does It Again... Jewish Woman Invents A Replacement For Plastic | God TV

Israel Does It Again… Jewish Woman Invents A Replacement For Plastic

This could be a history maker!

Israel Does It Again… Jewish Woman Invents A Replacement For Plastic
Israel Does It Again… Jewish Woman Invents A Replacement For Plastic

Sharon Barak is a chemical engineer from Israel who has invented a product that could possibly be the solution to the world’s plastic pollution crisis.

The Problem

It’s no secret that the world has a massive plastic pollution problem. According to Nas Daily, 300 million tons are produced each year and 50% of that is for single-use as is the case with bottles. We use them once for a few minutes and throw them away and yet they stay in nature for hundreds of years.

We see plastics everywhere, in our oceans, in our forests and it causes major harm to our environment, our wildlife, our marine life and even to humans. Single-use plastic is a huge problem.

Solution to the problem

But Sharon is now solving the problem. She used to work for a plastic company but resigned to look for a solution. After years of research and hard work, she has devised a product that looks like plastic and functions like it.

“This product is not plastic at all, but it looks and feels like it,” Sharon says. Watch the video below and see the result of her simple test.  When you put her product in water, it dissolves within minutes while actual plastic remains the same and will never biodegrade.

“After you finish using it and you throw it away, it will just break down and bio-degrade in nature,” Sharon adds. Her product is so environmentally friendly that even when it is dissolved, you can still drink the water. And from this material, packaging can be created for food and drinks. It can actually be made into anything.

“This really has the potential to solve the plastic pollution problem and make the world a better and cleaner place,” she says confidently.

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