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It Is Time To Enter The Realm Of The Impossible

Operating in the Impossible

It Is Time To Enter The Realm Of The Impossible
It Is Time To Enter The Realm Of The Impossible


God operates in the realm of the impossible. He created all things seen and unseen by the word of His power. His power is limitless. He created all things and He spoke them into existence. So also we who know Him have the power to speak and see things that are impossible made possible. This is not just in the spiritual dimension but also in the earthly dimension. Jesus spoke and the lame man healed, the blind man saw and the deaf man heard. We have authority and power to do the same and more as promised by Him (John 14:12). It is time we obeyed and believed His word and entered into the realm of the impossible. Against all odds see what is possible in Him.


God is spirit and we are spirit beings on an earthly journey. When we operate in the Spirit, we become like God in our thinking and doing. Jesus did what He saw His Father doing. We too must see and do what we see the Father doing. This means prophetic, see beyond the natural and into the future, and bring into existence what is to be. We speak as if it is already done. We hold on to the spoken and see the reality of it in the now. This means we walk in the impossible and make it possible. God wants to move. Are we ready to move with Him?

Global Movement

Each generation saw the move of God in a measure. God now wants to move globally. See how one virus made the whole world captive to it. Now, this is a prelude to what God does globally through His Spirit. God’s next move is a global movement and we all witness the workings of God. What appeared impossible will suddenly become possible. Our eyes will see the glory of the Lord and all doubt will disappear. We see with our eyes of faith and begin to expect God to move in impossible situations. All glory goes to God as we step aside and see Him do the impossible. Therefore lift up your eyes and expect the impossible as you step out in faith to expect God to move in your situation. Hallelujah! Praise be to God.

John Mathai

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