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It’s Time For The Real You To Emerge

Being who God created us to be

It’s Time For The Real You To Emerge
It’s Time For The Real You To Emerge

Would the real you please stand up.

Can you remember who you were before everyone else told you who to be?

When you were born you were probably the prince or princess of the home. Your personal tastes were dominant and when you expressed displeasure or upset over your situation, adults came running to accommodate your desires.

That stuff fades fast as you grow and before long to find yourself surrounded by others who have less interest in your desires and in fact demand that you conform to their desires!

Life becomes full of demands and you’re relentlessly instructed on how to behave so that the people around you feel good about life.

By the time you reach adulthood, you had acquired a long list of minimum requirements for fitting into society, as well as some significant skill at reading the non-verbal indicators when you were not doing a good job of meeting other people’s expectations. Now just where does that leave you?

After a million encounters where others made you become what they needed you to be, what is left of the unique individual that was created in the image of God. Who is that person who now has to emerge from it all?

Who are you once you emerge?

Why not ask God to show you the ‘real you’. Be brave!                                                                                           

If you don’t have any clue about who you really are it’s almost impossible to chart your course in life based on that original design or find your identity and therefore enable you to walk in your destiny. God is the master artist who longs to restore His original masterpieces so they can be revealed and made known and that includes you.

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