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J.John to Preach at 1,000 Churches this Christmas

J.John to Preach at 1,000 Churches this Christmas
J.John to Preach at 1,000 Churches this Christmas

CHRISTMAS 2020 will be recognisably different from any other Christmas experienced in a generation. It is likely that during the festive season, people across the UK might hear words such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolating’ more frequently than they might hear about the birth of Jesus. British evangelist, J.John, is seeking to change that and is praying that rather than aloneness this Christmas, people will know the reality that God is with us; Emmanuel.

For Christians in the UK and around the world, Christmas is the recognition of the birth of Jesus Christ. J.John believes that Christmas is the season to share the good news of Jesus.

With the cancellation of numerous Christmas carol services due to the pandemic, J.John and Philo Trust launched an initiative to encourage churches to use their Christmas services to share with their local communities a message of hope. Share Christmas was launched, and we are delighted to announce that 1,000 churches from the UK and Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda and the USA are now registered to take part.

The concept of Share Christmas is that churches are able to take a range of video components and use them as part of a Christmas service. This model has clearly grabbed the attention of church leaders. In addition to a Christmas message by J.John, churches have been given a Christmas Bible reading by Sir David Suchet, a message ‘What Christmas Means to Me’ by Sir Cliff Richard and a Christmas song by Matt Redman.

Revd Canon J.John said:

In 41 years of ministry, I have had the joy of speaking at over 600 carol services. To have the opportunity to speak at over 1,000 Christmas services in a year where the majority of live events have been cancelled, is unprecedented. Our prayer is that this video content will help thousands of people in their journey of faith and warm their hearts.

Churches are still being encouraged to sign up to this initiative, and registration remains open at www.canonjjohn.com/christmas-2020.

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