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Watch Bless Israel 2019 And Start The Year Off Right!

Tune in 11th-20th January for Bless Israel 2019!

Happy New Year! I am pleased to start 2019 by writing to you our readers! Right at the beginning of 2019, the GOD TV team and I pray that the hand of God will be upon you, that He will keep His hedge of protection around you, and that throughout the year God will watch over your family, home, business, finances, health and your general well-being.

Once again GOD TV will be starting the year right by blessing Israel, and I want to ask you to participate in the most generous way you can because we know the result is multiplied blessing upon our lives throughout the year ahead. Three years ago, the Lord spoke to me saying: “Ward, tell the partners of GOD TV that if they bless Israel, I will, in turn, bless their lives.” And that is precisely what has happened. For the last two years, as GOD TV partners have committed to putting first things first and have sacrificially given to the people and land of Israel, we have seen God mightily bless our ministry and our partners throughout the year. It is therefore with great anticipation and excitement that I invite you to join us for Bless Israel 2019, right at the start of this new year.

Tune in 11th-20th January for Bless Israel 2019!

Israel is, of course, central to GOD TV’s missional calling – SOULS, ISRAEL, and REVIVAL and as a GOD TV family, we are deeply committed to God’s purpose and plans for this nation. We love the land, the people, we believe in the prophetic significance of Israel and are steadfast in our support for her future. We believe that there is no better way to start each year than by Blessing Israel.

Bless Israel 2019

So please join us from the 11th January for a special series of broadcasts. This year our offering for Israel is particularly special. We feel led to focus on blessing the children and youth of Israel. Your prayers and gifts this year will go towards:


Built in partnership with Together with Israel, led by our good friend, Scott Volk, these playgrounds will put smiles on the faces of children that come from all backgrounds. Jewish, Arab and Christian children alike will benefit from these playgrounds. They will know that followers of Christ, from across the world love them and want to bless them.


Click HERE to help end the abortion of God’s chosen people!

Although the abortion rate is falling in Israel, Haaretz newspaper reports that over 50 babies are still aborted every day. This breaks our Father’s heart. As followers of Christ, we cannot let this continue. Your gift to this year’s Bless Israel campaign will help counsel and support pregnant mothers facing the horrendous decision of life or death for their unborn babies. Your partnership will provide food and clothes for mother and baby, as well as assist with the needs of the child up to their first birthday.


One of the best ways that we can support the young people of Israel is by helping them to understand and receive Yeshua as their Messiah. By giving to GOD TV’s Bless Israel Campaign this year, you will help us to partner with key youth ministries within the region to expand their evangelistic reach.


Finally, your sacrificial gifts to Bless Israel 2019 will empower us to continue producing life-changing original programming that will bring a harvest of souls in the End Time’s Harvest. You will also be a part of broadcasting the Good News of Messiah, Yeshua to Jerusalem, Judea, Sumaria and to the ends of the earth.

“You will do more than restore the people of Israel to me. I will make you a light to the Gentiles, and you will bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.” (Isaiah 49:6)

As we join together to bless Israel, let us also pledge to stand with her in prayer, in intercession and commit to being watchmen on her walls.

Thank you for partnering with us in making a real difference in the Land of the Bible. Be assured that your contribution is significant, both through your prayers and giving. Heaven knows you by name dear friend, and everything you have done for God’s Kingdom is recorded for eternity. We’re so grateful to you, and for all you do. Thank you for being a Media Missionary and playing your part in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. We pray that God continues to bless you abundantly in 2019 with great favor throughout the year.

In His name,

Ward Simpson  |  President and CEO of GOD TV

Don’t forget to tune in 11th January for Bless Israel! Watch HERE!

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