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Jewish Man Was Going To Commit Suicide But Jesus Intervened

Jewish Man Was Going To Commit Suicide But Jesus Intervened
Jewish Man Was Going To Commit Suicide But Jesus Intervened

A depressed Jewish man wanted to stop his pain by ending his life. But, Jesus had other plans for him. He intervened and gave him a life worth living for.

Greek Mythology

This Jewish man grew up with a love for books. As a result, he read a variety of books over time. But, his favorite was Greek Mythology. That is why he paralleled Jesus with Hercules who had a human mother and a God father. He never really received Jesus as a form of monotheism, different from the Jewish perspective at all.

At the same time, he valued his Jewish heritage that he studied to read the Torah and ended up reading in the Synagogue after his Bar mitzvah.

He had a loving grandmother whom he adored. She was so wonderful and everyone loved her too. But, a tragic car accident took her life unexpectedly. Her death made the man question the meaning of life. The experience was just so overwhelming that it took him to a really dark place and depression.

The sadness pulled him further and further, it was as if there was no way out. One night, he finally decided to take his life to stop his pain.

Life Worth Living For

He went home with that plan in mind. He was going to execute it once he’s home. But, his friend Kim was surprisingly, waiting for him at his door.

She greeted him, hello but he said it was more like goodbye. He did not try to hide his scheme. So, Kim then presented Jesus and the man was polite enough to listen.

But, as he listened, the truth about Jesus riveted him. The Gospel captivated him that it took them hours of discussion. It was so overwhelming that he promised Kim that he will not go on with his plan.

Two days after their talk with Kim, the man was deep in his thoughts about Jesus. Then suddenly, a smoke slowly filled his room. He knew that it was evil. And as it started to embrace him, he shouted Jesus for help. The smoke quickly left the room in the same way it entered. And only peace and light were left.

Since then, he was a changed man. He said, “I didn’t want to kill myself anymore because I had an answer to the pain. And I was able to keep moving forward as I sorted my life out and found meaning and purpose in Jesus.”

Reference: Youtube | One for Israel

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