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Do You Ever Wonder If Jesus Still Loves You?

Do You Ever Wonder If Jesus Still Loves You?
Do You Ever Wonder If Jesus Still Loves You?

I’ll be honest with you. Jesus loves you still. It is impossible for your actions to change God’s love for you. You could end world hunger and find a cure for cancer and Jesus still wouldn’t love you more than He does right now. You can’t commit a sin that could cause Jesus to stop loving you and nothing you have done has caused Him to change His view of you.

Jesus loves you. He knows your name. He knows everything about you. He existed before you and He has no end. He knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows everything you are going to say before you say it. He knows everything you turn to in your desperate search to be happy and find purpose. He is fully aware of everything in your life you want nobody else to know about. He has seen every tear you have ever cried and He knows every ounce of pain you have experienced. He sees how you have been treated and how you have reacted. He sees what those who go to church with you can’t see. He knows you better than you know yourself because He made you. Jesus looks at the skeletons in your closet and the brokenness in your heart and still loves you just as you are.

When Jesus looks at you, He sees someone He loved to the point of death on a cross. He sees someone who could never reach Heaven without Him. He sees someone who He died to be with. He sees someone who desperately needs His love and healing. He sees you and He can’t stop pursuing you. Everything you have ever wanted and desired to experience and feel is all wrapped up in Jesus. Everything you sense you are missing in life is all found in Jesus.

Do you really believe that Jesus loves you like that? Deep down in your heart do you believe that Jesus loves you personally? I have met so many people who believe intellectually that Jesus loves them, but behind closed doors in the battlefield of their minds they don’t really believe it. They don’t really believe that God loves them so much that He would rather send His Son to die than be without them for eternity.

In my book, How to Follow Jesus, I wrote the following about someone who experienced God’s love for the first time.

“On a Monday, a lady who was contemplating suicide came to me for counseling. I’ll call her Mary. She wanted to know why she should continue to live. Her entire life she had been abused. Her uncle had raped her repeatedly for years and even involved his friends in the abuse. After high school, she hit the streets. She said, “How can God make me clean? How can he use me? I’m so ugly. Can God make me forget? Can he love me? It’s been 18 years since a man has touched me. I’m afraid of men! I’m afraid that they will beat me as before. I’m afraid to love. Please help me find hope!”

I shared with Mary how much Jesus loved her, how He had died to be in a relationship with her, and how He could heal her. I encouraged her to invite Jesus in and experience His love. I told her that she could trust Him. He would never abuse her. He would always love her. I explained to Mary how to invite Jesus into her life through prayer. I told her that she was worth dying for and Jesus believes she is worth fighting for. If she wasn’t, He wouldn’t have had her contact me.

Later that night, she emailed me. She told me she had prayed to Jesus like I had said. Then she shared these words. “A weight has been lifted off me. Thank you! It was like he lifted every pain. Everything I have been carrying all these years, all the hurt, all the fear is gone! I feel peace! I feel warm inside! I can’t stop crying? Is this what love feels like?”

Mary met Jesus that night! In the days that followed, she got a Bible, discovered praise music to Jesus, and started following Him!”

Jesus loves you just like He loves Mary. He has always loved you. The only days I regret in my life are the ones where I didn’t accept acceptance as being loved by Jesus. Does Jesus still love you? He has never taken a day off. You should talk to Him!

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