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No Such Thing As Wasted Tears With God

Jesus Wept – John 11:35

No Such Thing As Wasted Tears With God
No Such Thing As Wasted Tears With God

You just read the shortest verse in the Bible.  Honestly, we have a problem if you have a hard time memorizing that verse.  It contains only two words and three syllables. However, there’s so much power and wisdom behind these two words: Jesus wept.

In the tiny town of Bethlehem, we uncovered the visible love of God, weeping at the grave of Lazarus [John 11:35].  Jesus was downhearted.  I wonder if Jesus is weeping today?  Tears have a beautiful language, all their own.  The tears of love passionately speak volumes to us through the authority of grace.

Jesus wept.”  Not because Lazarus was stretched out laying on the soil – dead.  That couldn’t have been the problem.  Jesus brings the dead to life.  He knew that in an instant He could restore life to him—and those who know the Bible know this is precisely what He did!  Jesus wept when He saw Lazarus’s sisters crying.

Tears touch the heart of our God.  Mary’s heart was fractured.  Her brother was lifeless, and it appeared Jesus had been late for his appointment.  He finally arrived.  She was weeping with deep agony and tears. She was pouring out her soul to Jesus.  When Jesus saw her, He wept with her.

Where are you today?  We serve a great God who is touched by our own pain and broken hearts.

Tears speak much louder and sharper than words.  They need no interpreter.  The psalmist says that, “God keeps our tears in a bottle” [Psalm 56:8].  If you need God’s attention, try tears.

It is okay to cry.

The last time tears are mentioned in the Bible is in Revelation 21:4.  It reveals a beautiful scene in heaven: “God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”  This is our hope. He is preserving all our tears in a bottle, and one day He will wipe them all away.  King David said it best: “For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” [Psalm 30:5].

Meditate on the fact that we have a God who has it figured out so we don’t have to.  He is not a God who is far away and distant from us.  He is nearer than we could ever imagine.  He’s actually living inside of you.

He is the One who is touched by our imperfect flawed, hearts and weeps with us.

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