Jewish Couple Donates $18 Million To Africa Christian Medical Missions | God TV

Jewish Couple Donates $18 Million To Africa Christian Medical Missions

Jewish Couple Donates $18 Million To Africa Christian Medical Missions
Jewish Couple Donates $18 Million To Africa Christian Medical Missions

In Africa, where access to medical care is scarce, the Christian medical mission continues. And a Jewish couple never hesitated to donate $18 million to support the mission.

Jewish Couple

In a report by The Christian Post, the Jewish couple who has donated millions of dollars to the medical missions in Africa is Jewish entrepreneur Mark Gerson and his wife, Rabbi Erika. They have been one of the largest private supporters of the mission over the years. With the donations, missionary doctors could continue traveling to impoverished African communities in dire need of medical care. More so, it will help expand their access to it. Because medical care in these underserved communities is scarce.

Jewish couple
Photo Courtesy | Mark Gerson

Mark also revealed that their donations come from their family’s personal savings.

Supporting Christian Missionary Doctors

In an interview with The Christian Post, he said, “The best investment that one can make, whether in a business context or nonprofit context, is by supporting Christian missionary doctors working in Africa.”

Photo Courtesy | Getty Images – Hugh Sitton

Further, he disclosed how sometimes, there is just one doctor for every 10,000 to 40,000 people.

“The stats are horrifying,” he added. “We were able to see over a long period of time the extraordinary work that Christian missionary doctors were able to do with very limited resources.”

Africa’s Healthcare Situation

The African Mission Healthcare website wrote the sad reality of Africa’s healthcare situation. According to the website, Africa is suffering from 24 percent of the world’s diseases. But it only possesses three percent of global healthcare workers.

Mark further added that only a few doctors are trained to be specialists or surgeons in many African countries. Hence, most of them cannot perform surgeries.

“The implications of this is that if you’re a mother and you go into labor. And there is anything remotely complicated, you might not be able to get a C-section,” Mark explained. “And that’s why in Uganda and other African countries, only 20 percent of women who need a C-section get it, which means that 80 percent don’t.”

To address this concern, a large part of the donation will go to fund C-sections. Some donations will also be used to finance healthcare “infrastructure, provide oxygen for medical use, and power hospital housing for African patients who need it.”

Reference: Christian Headlines

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