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John Crist On Wedding Foot Washings

John Crist On Wedding Foot Washings
John Crist On Wedding Foot Washings

Christian comedian John Crist never seems to be out of material. He recently took on Christian Wedding culture. Specifically, foot washings. You know, where the bride and groom take turns washing each other’s feet in front of 300 of their closest friends and family in a symbolic show of servant-heartedness and self-sacrifice. It’s just like the story where Jesus washes His disciples’ feet. Except in the Gospel story, the foot washing wasn’t followed by a buffet in Ballroom A and all your aunts dancing to ‘Happy’.

Wedding foot washings have definitely been a endearing trend amongst Christian couples and we’re not here to throw shade (I said we’re not throwing shade, Maranatha!) but we all know that it’s something that makes our unsaved relatives wonder if we’ve gone off and joined a cult. And while the sentiment is honorable, there’s something about the bride attempting to keep her gleaming white Vera Wang gown dry while she washes a size 11 foot that can make for a humorous scene.

Watch John Crist poke light-hearted fun at our Christian wedding traditions and hilariously speculate on what Jesus might think of it all.

Sometimes we look silly for Jesus and that’s okay. So if you want to do a foot washing at your wedding, DO YOU! But maybe don’t invite John Crist…

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