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John Hagee: A Heart for the Orphan, Our Nation, and the World

John Hagee Ministries has reached millions of believers across the world

John Hagee: A Heart for the Orphan, Our Nation, and the World
John Hagee: A Heart for the Orphan, Our Nation, and the World

We all have our favorite ministers. From the pastor of your local church to televangelists that broadcast on stations like GOD TV, we love to hear a minister who is on fire for the Lord. I have had the benefit of experiencing both of those through Pastor John Hagee. While I only attended his church a little under a year, there was not a Sunday where I did not leave blessed by God through the message Pastor Hagee was given. Even today, I enjoy listening to him deliver the Gospel on television.

John Hagee Ministries

Pastor Hagee has come a long way from establishing Trinity Church in 1966. Each of his churches God blessed him with, he outgrew. By 1987 he had founded four churches. The final being Cornerstone Church, where his Ministry resides today. In addition to his Pastoral role, he is the founder of several ministries that serve the San Antonio area and abroad.

      • Cornerstone Christian Schools – CCS has an enrollment of 1350 Kindergarten through 12th-grade students. They aim to “train the whole person: spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially” within a Christ-centered culture. Teaching is Biblically-based and challenges kids to reach their fullest potential in the Lord.
      • Sanctuary of Hope – This campus was built in light of a burden that had weighed on Pastor Hagee’s heart for 60 years. He tells a story of working in an orphanage as a teen and witnessing firsthand children who were in agony of not having a family. The Sanctuary of Hope ministry serves pregnant teens and unwed mothers; giving them a place to turn and an alternative to abortion or abandonment.
      • Difference Media – A ministry arm of JHM that promotes music with a message. A team of seasoned professionals that spread the Gospel in song.

Cornerstone Church

In the middle of all John Hagee Ministries promotes he still serves as Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church. This church was the culmination of years of pastoral service dating back to the original Trinity Church in 1966. The church rests in the beautiful hills of North San Antonio, Texas. The 5,000+ seat sanctuary holds two Sunday morning services and various ministries throughout the week.

It is an amazing experience to sit in the sanctuary of Cornerstone Church. It is one thing to hear Pastor Hagee preach on television, but quite another to experience it live. One thing I noticed was the connection he makes with the parishioners. If you have ever watched him on TV, you may have felt that he was looking and speaking right to you. Well, that feeling still exists sitting in the massive auditorium. He allows the Holy Spirit to direct him, that is evident.

Cornerstone’s website states that they have over 22,000 active members. The ministry teams aim to “save the lost, to build up and encourage those who are already believers.”  They spread the gospel to all generations through firm beliefs in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, Prayer and Praise, Worship and Stewardship, and Evangelism.

John Hagee and Israel

GOD TV and John Hagee share a passion; the Nation of Israel. Especially surrounding ministry to the Jewish people and end time events. The history and prophetic future of Jerusalem is of importance to both ministries. John Hagee has supported the promise of Genesis 12:3 regarding God’s chosen people. JHM founded Christians United for Israel in 2006, a ministry that stands against antisemitism and supports the Jewish community.

John Hagee and GOD TV

Pastor Hagee also preaches heavily on end time events. Believing we are living in the last days, his passion lies with the Jewish community and the rebirth of Israel that occurred in 1948. He believes that this victory was part of a series of milestones that leads to the Second Coming of Christ. Another being the establishment of Jerusalem as once again central to the nation beginning with the moving of the U.S. Embassy back to Jerusalem.

Hagee has been recognized as one of the 70 greatest American contributors to the US-Israeli relationship having given over $100 million in humanitarian aid.

Spreading the Gospel

John Hagee was once, for several years, part of the GOD TV programming schedule. Today he continues to minister all over the world through Social Media, Television, and the written word. He has penned over 40 books, has a strong following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and appears on various television stations across the world regularly.


Written by Jeff Bray


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