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God, Will My Life Count? Will The Lives Of My Children Be Fruitful?

Pastor John Kilpatrick delivers a heart-stirring prophetic word that answers these questions

God, Will My Life Count? Will The Lives Of My Children Be Fruitful?
God, Will My Life Count? Will The Lives Of My Children Be Fruitful?

The pastor of Church of His Presence, John Kilpatrick believes we all have a God-shaped vacuum that can only be filled with a relationship with our Creator. More than that, deep within each of us is a quest for significance. We all want to make a difference through our lives and more importantly, we want to leave a legacy through our children.

What if we’re struggling along and we don’t seem to have accomplished anything yet, or if our children aren’t even serving God right now? It’s easy to get discouraged and give up on our dreams, but that’s not what God wants for us. Your heart will be so stirred as you watch this prophetic word from Pastor John. It is so anointed, it has the power to ignite renewed faith in you and give you such hope for the future.

Will my life count?

Young people should be asking themselves this question because they have their whole lives ahead and seemingly all the time in the world to do something for God. However, as Pastor John Kilpatrick shares it’s never too late to give your life to Jesus and trust Him to use you.  Even those in the evening years of their lives will produce more fruit than they can imagine, Pastor John says.

“You have fretted about the footprint you’ll leave… My golden light shall arise upon you… I will bring to fruition the things I have promised you…”

Will the lives of my children count?

The heart’s cry of so many believers today is that their children would come back to the Lord, serve Him and play their part in extending God’s Kingdom.  For many parents, it’s their highest hope that their son or daughter would just come home. To be reunited with the family.  The pain of that empty seat left by that prodigal child can be a huge burden to bear, but there is hope…

“Your seed will touch many,” Pastor John says. “You’ve been troubled with cares, God has heard your prayers and answered the things which you are anxious about.  God will anoint your sons and daughters to do exploits. There will be breakthroughs and answered prayers.”

God wants you to be fruitful

No matter what you have struggled with, God’s promise to you is that your struggles will be turned around. “The things you had to go through will be on display like a piece of art – a completed work of My grace and My glory. Your words will become beams of light and I will give you strength for the days ahead, for you and for your sons and your daughters.”

Watch and let Pastor John speak life into your situation today and call your teen or adult son or daughter back into serving God. Or if you are a young parent, confess this powerful word over your children.  Let faith arise as you listen and trust God for the breakthrough you need in your family.

A prophetic word from John Kilpatrick

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