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Joseph Prince Gets New Time Slot On GOD TV

Read these testimonies of how viewers have been blessed, tune in and see for yourself!

Joseph Prince Gets New Time Slot On GOD TV
Joseph Prince Gets New Time Slot On GOD TV

Joseph Prince has broadcast on GOD TV for several years each weekday and has touched many people’s lives around the world with his life-changing messages.

Now, GOD TV is pleased to announce that from December 31st his series will move to a NEW TIME SLOT – Mondays through Fridays at 8:30 am, when we believe even more people will be able to watch and apply Joseph’s teachings to their lives.

Joseph’s ministry is highly impactful to the Body of Christ as you can see from these testimonies from viewers:

  • “My life has been transformed by the precious messages on the Grace of God presented by Joseph Prince. He makes me understand Grace more clearly day-by-day. Thank you GOD TV for airing these life-changing messages.” – Victor (India)
  • “I am so blessed by God’s Word coming to me through His servants on GOD TV! I thank God as GOD TV has helped me grow so much in the Lord and encouraged me. My best series is Joseph Prince. I’ve learnt how to put God’s Word into effect and experienced miracles!” – Cyndi (China)
  • “We’ve had GOD TV for four years and it has been our teacher and inspiration. We love Joseph Prince and our faith has grown with the knowledge that God loves us unconditionally. I was discipled by GOD TV and since my husband came to the Lord, our lives have miraculously changed. I’ve had supernatural encounters while watching, thank you.” – Anne (Australia)
  • “Two years ago, I was going through a strong depression and my sister introduced me to Joseph Prince on GOD TV. Since then, I have been watching faithfully and felt the peace that passes understanding.”– Mylene (Germany)
  • “I’m watching Joseph Prince on GOD TV. He’s an amazing, anointed man of God. I love his preaching.” – Florence on Twitter.
  • “Yeah that’s the real Gospel… Power to right believing. Joseph Prince, the Apostle Paul of this dispensation…. more grace to you Pastor… I love you!”– Adesola on Facebook

May your life be greatly blessed and radically transformed as you continue to feed on powerful messages from Joseph Prince on God’s love and grace at this new time slot of 8.30 am.

Click for more info about Joseph Prince Ministries or to watch on demand.

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