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Joy: Love Above All Else

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” (James 1:2)

Joy: Love Above All Else
Joy: Love Above All Else

Finding Joy in Thankfulness

Joy. Being joyful, to me, means being thankful for the things God has given me. A few months ago, I had an iPhone 7 that only worked 85% of the time, but I was thankful I had a phone. As aggravating as it was, at least I could communicate with human beings. Then, and now with my iPhone 11, I literally had and have a computer in my hand and that’s what baffles me.

Years ago, when computers first became a thing, long before my time I assure you, they were the size of your car. They filled an eight-foot by ten-foot room, and that’s just one! I don’t know how historically accurate that is but they were huge! Now, our computer is literally our cell phones! You can do your taxes, order Chick-Fil-A and FaceTime someone, all at the same time! So many of us take those things for granted.

Too Many First World Problems

With all of the problems we, and others, face day-to-day, we somehow allow ourselves to let our first world problems get to us and we become bitter. But you can’t be bitter. Bitterness opens the door to anger and anger opens the bedroom window on the second story for the devil to climb through.

It may sound silly but your joy should feel like a revival. You should know, by now, how it feels to be genuinely happy and thankful. You shouldn’t feel like it’s a never-ending battle. If it is, change the situation! Fix the problem. If you are unhappy in your relationship, put in the effort to fix it. You may be thinking, well yeah but it won’t last long. Getting your joy to stick around should NOT feel like open warfare. Do this. Look at everyone and everything in your life and ask yourself if you have ever taken it for granted. Move through the house from this to that.

Joy: Thank God For The Details

Now, thank God for all of those things. If it weren’t for Him you wouldn’t have that. Think about it this way, you have a cell phone. Hold your phone and think about all the things you can do on it. Now think about this. A cell phone is an extremely intricate device. Everything has to line up perfectly for it to work properly. Think of all the wires, the motherboard and everything inside of it. One man created that. That’s like looking at your life.

Look at all of the relationships you have and have had. All the things around you, the air, trees, grass, down to the worms in the ground and clouds in the sky. One man, God, made that. He knew exactly how everything had to fit together so it would work properly. Feeling thankful yet?

What Are You Thankful For?

Most people would answer obvious things like health, my car so I can go to work or school, education, job, financial stability. But have you ever answered with the bad too? God, thank you for making me late for work. I
could’ve been in that head-on collision too, and so on. You see, our hardships are blessings too. Do you consider difficulties blessings in disguise? They are exactly as they sound. Blessings disguised as a problem. It might be hard to see because you’re too busy looking for a solution. Paul once wrote in Romans 5:3-6, “We glory in tribulations also…” Why though?

Tribulations give you patience and experience, experience gives you hope and hope gives you faith. The love of God is falling on our hearts. Through all of that, we are strengthened in the Lord who died for our sins. Sometimes we feel forced to face problems and pressures that we see as too big but God sees it as strength. They are a lesson. They are how God gets our attention. Adversity motivates us to cry out to God and seek His wisdom and they assure us of His love. Have faith in the face of adversity and be joyful. Joy brings out the love we ought to share with other people, with God’s creation.

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