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Joyce Meyer Ministries Celebrates 25 Years of Television

Joyce Meyer Ministries Celebrates 25 Years of Television
Joyce Meyer Ministries Celebrates 25 Years of Television

Joyce Meyer Ministries is celebrating 25 years of TV ministry this year and we congratulate Joyce and her team on this media milestone. Her long-running series, Enjoying Everyday Life is one of GOD TV’s most watched broadcasts and we often receive testimonies of lives that have been transformed as viewers tune in each week day for a message of hope.

Joyce’s TV ministry began in 1993, when her husband Dave pitched the idea. It started on WGN-TV in Chicago and Black Entertainment Television, and was soon syndicated worldwide. It has aired on GOD TV pretty much from the beginning (we started in 1995) as well as many of Joyce’s conferences some of which we have televised LIVE.

“We thank God for all the souls saved watching Enjoying Everyday Life, people set free and relationships restored,” said GOD TV CEO, Ward Simpson. “We count it a privilege to continue to partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries to extend God’s Kingdom through media.”

Originally named, Life in the Word, the show now airs as Enjoying Everyday Life. “It’s been amazing to see all that the Lord has done in 25 years and the many lives that have been changed because of the Gospel message,” Joyce Meyer Ministries posted on Facebook on October 4th.  Over 1.6 people responded to this single post, testifying to the impact of Joyce’s show!

The post asked, “When did you start watching Joyce’s show and how has it impacted your life?” Here are just some of the replies.

‘Her teaching has impacted my whole life’

Valda posted, “I started watching Joyce around 2005. Her teaching on TV has impacted my whole life. I used to hate myself, blame myself and others for the way I was. I have learned about love and forgiveness. And now I make it my life to love others and let them see Jesus in me.”

Ellen was saying, “Her advice helped me years ago when I was hurting badly from a breakup. I was very sad and depressed all the time. I read everything I could get my hands on from her and over time I was healed.”

Liliana stated, “I started watching Joyce about 5 years ago. My marriage was a disaster and I came across her on TV and was amazed at the honesty and the reality of the things she preached…Joyce has had a tremendous influence in my marriage and family…We have grown a lot and I’m grateful to Joyce and her ministry and our Lord for the impact that Joyce is making on our lives.”

Kayla posted, “Wow. Thank you God for Joyce. You have helped me heal through God’s Word. I was a heroin addict, fearful of almost everything. Ashamed, wounded and my mind was out of control…I love how God has used you in my life and am so grateful for the wisdom you have shared with me.”

Joyce’s Ministry Focus

Joyce Meyer Ministries and its TV programming’s focus is to reach the lost with the salvation message of the Gospel, and equipping believers to do the same. You can watch her show on GOD TV each weeknight at 20.30 / 8.30 pm or online by clicking: Enjoying Everyday Life.

This article was written by Jared Laskey.

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