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Just Stand. Just Do It!

This world is always telling us to conform - listen to the voice that is telling you to be strong!

Just Stand. Just Do It!
Just Stand. Just Do It!

We are all pretty adamant about certain things in our lives, even really small things. For instance, I do NOT like Hazelnut coffee creamer. At all. No. No. No. And if it was the ONLY creamer in the house, I would not drink coffee. THAT is pretty adamant, considering my coffee addiction. Silly too, I suppose. But I really don’t like hazelnut creamer and my friends and family KNOW this.

What about bigger issues? I stand pretty easily and defiantly for some small thing like coffee creamer, but will I stand for something I believe in that is WAY bigger and of much more significance? Will I sit down and shut up so I don’t make “waves”. Will I run and hide, and hope it all just goes away. Will I run for the hills because I am just a chicken at heart. It is not about being better or more superior. It is just about being true to YOURSELF.

What if doing the right thing will NEVER even be noticed?

What if there is no one to clap for your right choice or good deed? What if it never goes down in history that YOU took a stand for whatever it was you took a stand for? You DIDN’T sit, or hide, or run – you STOOD. But, no one knew. Does it still matter? DOES IT MATTER? That is a million dollar question with a priceless answer. YES. It DOES matter. It will matter to YOU, when you try to sleep at night, or when you look at yourself in the mirror, or when you try to teach someone younger than yourself the do’s and don’ts of this world. It WILL matter.

If no one on Earth is watching, it is still NOT a free ticket to do whatever you want when you want. Sometimes my fallen human nature feels like it’s going to win – like I’m 99% doomed. BUT then I have seen my 1% rise up and do the right thing against all odds . I remember that our presence here on planet Earth is connected to SO many other humans – whether family, or friends, or school, or jobs, or careers. So if you really think your decisions will NEVER affect one other human being, you MIGHT be from Mars.

We are intricately connected.

My mother always said that true character is what you do when no one is watching . Character is also being true to yourself and your core beliefs. The whole 99% statistic always hovering over me has often made me feel I should just give in. Except that the 1% left is MUCH tougher, more resilient, more determined, and stronger than the 99%. Whatttttt? How is this possible? Because that 1% is my CORE! It’s The Who of who I am. Because my core is Jesus! He far exceeds my own human weakness and fragility and sin. When I am weak, He is strong – these words are TRUE! (cue: happy dance with much rejoicing). Maybe that’s the childlike joy found in the simple words, “Yes, Jesus loves me! Little ones to Him belong – they are weak, but He is strong!”

Be true to what you believe in. Stand up even if the rest of the world is sitting down – or hiding – or running. Trust me, SOMEONE else out there is just waiting for someone to be courageous and to really take a stand. “Let your yay be yay, and your nay be nay.” (Matthew 5:37) Remember we live in a fallen world with a culture that changes by the day and strays from truth, honor, purity, vow keeping, and being true to your word. The only way to combat that attack of the 99% is having the most important 1%.

#JesusInMeNeverChanges #HesMyNumber1


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