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Justin Bieber Hosts Online Worship Service For 150 Million Followers

Such a powerful way to use his influence!

Justin Bieber Hosts Online Worship Service For 150 Million Followers
Justin Bieber Hosts Online Worship Service For 150 Million Followers

Coronavirus cases in the United States shot up to 46,168 as of March 24, according to Worldometer. With more than 550 deaths and 295 successfully recovered. Instead of cowering down in fear, the well-known music icon, Justin Bieber, hosted an online church service for his 150 million followers on Instagram for his pastor, Judah Smith on Sunday.

Stay-At-Home Order

Multiple states have already issued stay-at-home orders, reported WISN 12 News. As a result, a number of business establishments have closed. And people have observed self-isolation in their homes and social distancing when going out to exercise the precautionary measures against the highly contagious disease, COVID-19.

The Amazing Transformation of Justin Bieber: From Street Singer to Christian Pop Icon

So today, Christians decided to do online Church Sunday Service as mass gatherings are prohibited. But of course, Justin Bieber didn’t miss this opportunity to lead his millions of followers to God.

Justin Bieber Invites Millions To Church

On Sunday, the pop star invited his over 150 million followers to tune into the online Sunday church service with his Pastor Judah Smith.

“By no means do you need to believe in what I believe but know you’re loved and more than welcome to join me as I watch church today!” he wrote on Instagram.

During the online streaming, he told the ChurchHome pastor, “I’m just gonna kind of sit back and let you do your thing.” And he thanked him by saying, “So grateful that you’re gonna be sharing. I know a lot of people, whether they believe what we believe or not, are going to be impacted tremendously. So thank you so much for doing this.”

Pastor Judah Smith Preaching The Gospel

 Within minutes, 50,000 people tuned in. Judah Smith sat down in a studio preaching the Gospel of Christ to everyone who was watching. He preached from the book of Timothy in the New Testament.

The Bieber couple sat eagerly listening to the Word. And the pastor “encouraged everyone to be “sure” of who they believe and who they are because of who they believe.” Also, he directed the listeners to the person of Jesus Christ, who is the hope of glory. And then led everyone to commit their lives to Christ in prayer.

When the online church service ended, Justin told the viewers, “Hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did..”

Watch the full video during the online worship service below.

Source: The Christian Post

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