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Justin Bieber Tells 151 Million Followers: ‘Jesus Is More Real’

Justin Bieber Tells 151 Million Followers: ‘Jesus Is More Real’
Justin Bieber Tells 151 Million Followers: ‘Jesus Is More Real’

Being outspoken in his Christian faith, Justin Bieber tells his 151 million followers that “Jesus is more real than the air we breathe..”

In a recent Instagram post by the pop music icon, he preached Jesus to his millions of followers. The black and white graphic image that Justin shared reads, “Jesus is more real than the air we breathe and guess what? HE LOVES YOU.”

Justin Bieber tells about Jesus
Instagram | @justinbieber

Sharing The Gospel

Also, he wrote in the caption of the photo, “Jesus rose from the dead just as he promised, taking on the sins of humanity.”

Then he stressed, “Believing and receiving this reality changes everything. The way you live, the way you love! Accepting his free gift of forgiveness allows you to live a life FREE from guilt and shame! A life not based on your performance. This is good news.”

Justin Bieber
Instagram | @justinbieber

Moreover, the Canadian singer testified on the reality of his faith in God. He said, “I follow Jesus. Following Jesus doesn’t make me better than anyone else. Although I know a lot of Christians have made people feel that way.”

Further, he added, “Another thing to know about following Jesus is that a lot of the time it doesn’t change our circumstances. What it does do is give us an ETERNAL JOY that lasts through trials and painful seasons. Although people have failed me, Jesus never has.”

Faith Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is gripping unto his faith in Jesus now more than ever. Often, the 26-year-old songwriter shares the Gospel and the Word of God using his social media accounts. He is determined to using his fame to influence others about the love of God for everyone.

In a previous post, he revealed that specific purpose in his life. He said, “My intention is to inspire, uplift, empower, and lead people to know and see the love of God. To remind people of the joy and wonder that is all around us.”

May a lot of young people today encounter Jesus as they hear the Gospel from one of the most influential and famous singers in the world—Justin Bieber!

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