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Kanye West’s Sunday Service And Upcoming Album “Jesus Is King”

An unexpected outpouring of the Word of God within the entertainment mountain

Kanye West’s Sunday Service And Upcoming Album “Jesus Is King”
Kanye West’s Sunday Service And Upcoming Album “Jesus Is King”

With a mix of traditional Gospel worship music, tribal elements and exclamations to the Holy Spirit, Kanye’s Sunday service tours the US with heart and soul.

Kanye West began his journey of “Sunday Service” in a small recording studio just for friends and family.

In an interview on “The View”, Kim Kardashian West opened up about Kanye’s journey with Jesus Christ and his now touring musical ministry, saying “it started off as healing for him”.

Kim went on to share about how “he has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ”. She also addressed the questions that many people have had towards Sunday Service, to which she replied, “it is a Christian service – a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God.”

“It is for God”

His new album titled “Jesus is King” will be dropping September 27th. The tracklist that was released last week gives us a glimpse into Kanye’s heart behind the album, with songs like, “Garden”, “Baptized”, “Wake The Dead” and more.

Sunday Service isn’t just for show, but there has been a true outpouring of the Word of God in Hollywood and the hearts of many.

Watch a clip here of Sia, award-winning singer/songwriter, getting up to sing along with the Sunday Service choir, praising the name of Jesus!

We believe in a big God. A powerful God.

The heart of God is for every single section of society, including Hollywood.

God is moving in the entertainment mountain, so let’s continue to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit here in America and in all of the entertainment industry.

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