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WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford Glorifies God Through Husband’s Passing

WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford Glorifies God Through Husband’s Passing
WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford Glorifies God Through Husband’s Passing

Kathie Lee Gifford Had Just Minutes To Tell The World about Her Deceased Husband, And She Spent It Glorifying God!

When he died on August 9, 2015, Frank Gifford’s legacy was not his stellar career as a halfback and wide receiver on the New York Giants nor his legendary 27-year career as a play-by-play football commentator. It was his faith in Jesus Christ. Soon after his passing, his wife, Kathie Lee Gifford, divulged on network TV the private inner life of a man who – by the time he died – had achieved “complete peace in his life.” She glossed over his awe-inspiring worldly success to focus on what really mattered. And the world listened closely.

Here’s What She Said…

Frank Gifford was born into poverty – the widespread poverty of the Depression era. At times, his family resorted to eating dog food – and they were grateful for it. They moved around the country as his father desperately searched for a job. But no matter their locale, they always landed in church on Sunday. United by their faith, his family look passed all they lacked.

These harsh, unenviable circumstances forged the attitude of gratitude that defined Frank for the remainder of his life. Throughout his adult life, he never took anything for granted – even after he had achieved a level of success that would have astonished his younger self. As a demonstration of his gratitude, he regularly took the time to stop and thank hard-working police officers and firemen.

David’s Stone

According to Kathie Lee, Frank accepted Jesus into his heart as a young boy. “He strayed from his faith on occasion, but his faith never left him,” she remarked. After their wedding vows, they worked to build a Christ-centered marriage, which bolstered their individual walks with Christ.

Reflecting on a trip they took to the Holy Land, Kathie Lee remembered venturing to the hallowed ground where David, a young shepherd boy, fought Goliath. The guide told them that the miracle wasn’t that David won, it was that he trusted in the living God – not a religion. Frank picked up a stone – not unlike the one David slung at Goliath, and brought it back with him – signifying a renewed perspective.

From that point forward, whenever anyone asked to see Frank’s treasure trove of trophies, Frank would show them this stone.

After Kathie Lee shared this moving story, she provocatively asked the audience, “Where are you going to throw your stone for the kingdom of God?” She explained that in honor of Frank’s legacy, people should ask themselves “What’s the gift that only I can do to make this world a better place?”

A Peaceful Heart

Frank shared his God-given gifts with the world and died a peaceful man. He died knowing that “every sin he ever had was forgiven.” According to Kathie Lee, he also “had the hope that he would be with the Lord, and that we would some day be with him as well.”

Even though she was heartbroken after losing her life partner, Kathie Lee praised God for His grace, which enabled Frank to die peaceful and satisfied.

The Cornerstone Of Christianity

In honor of Frank, Kathie Lee took a moment to invite others into a relationship with Christ: “The foundation of the Christian faith is forgiveness, grace, and hope. Those of you who are hurting today or feel hopeless, it might be the answer to you. In fact, I know it’s the answer for you.”

She added, “Transform this hurting world that needs God’s love so much.”

All this in a short segment on network television – the life of one man reflecting and magnifying God’s love.

What will your legacy be?

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