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Keep Praying For Eva Sherbondy

...the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective - James 5:16

Keep Praying For Eva Sherbondy
Keep Praying For Eva Sherbondy

On August 22nd, 7-year-old Eva Sherbondy fell off a golf cart and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Eva is the daughter of Lindsay Letters and Christian author and speaker, Dugan Sherbondy.

On Friday August 30th we put out a call to prayer…

call to prayer

GOD TV family, the prayers are working!

On Monday September 2nd, Eva’s father, Dugan, posted an entry on Eva’s CaringBridge titled “Steps in the right direction”.  He reports “Eva’s day was full of more steps in the right direction. More small movements, weaning off things, and rest. It’s like the Lord keeps blessing me with snacks (which are delicious and sustaining us), but I’m ready for the dinner!”

Let’s continue to pray for Eva’s full healing and recovery. More specifically from several CaringBridge journal entries,

“Please also be praying for Linds and I. We’re very battle-weary and finding our patience worn pretty thin” – Dugan

“Eva is re-entering our atmosphere (coming off sedation and waking up). How like a spaceship in peaceful space just about burns up during its break through our atmosphere back to Earth. That is what it looks and seems like Eva is doing. Now it’s quiet because of her medication, but when it wears off or she gets agitated, I see it in her partially opened eyes – the fire and fear of re-entry. As a Christ follower, this is marvelous. As her mom, this is agony.”  – Lindsay

“As her brain heals and becomes more aware, she’s also experiencing something called “neuro storms”, which are described as: “like trying to ride your bike thru a construction site while balancing a pizza in one hand, steering with the other, and having a serious phone conversation with Bluetooth earbud. SO much stimulation.” – Dugan

James 5:16 – …pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. 

Image Source; CaringBridge

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