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Kentucky Toddler Beats Stage 4 Cancer!

Little Molly beats stage 4 neuroblastoma - The family gives thanks to God

Kentucky Toddler Beats Stage 4 Cancer!
Kentucky Toddler Beats Stage 4 Cancer!

Kentucky toddler beats stage 4 neuroblastoma (cancer of the adrenal glands above the kidney).

Little Molly was diagnosed at 5 months old and the family has been fighting the disease for over two years.

In that time they created a hashtag of #mollystrong, gaining thousands of tags and reposts of supporters all over the globe.

Kentucky Toddler beat cancer

Molly is now currently 21 months old and in remission!

After 15 months of intense cancer treatment and five rounds of chemotherapy, Chelsea, Molly’s mother got the call about Molly’s remission: “I kinda just fell to the ground after I got off the phone and I just hugged for her like five minutes,”

“I believe that’s what’s helped her get through is all the prayers she’s had and we just can’t thank everybody enough for praying for her and supporting us through all of this,” said Chelsea.

Molly has unfortunately lost her hearing in the process but is beginning to return to normal life.

“She loves being outside from the time she gets up ’til she goes to bed, she’s just wild,” says Chelsea, “So full of energy and just loves doing what a baby should be doing.”

(Images from Fox News)

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