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Keys To Financial Liberty

"Father is saying to you that there’s an open heaven.”

Keys To Financial Liberty
Keys To Financial Liberty

In an episode of The Cry with host Betty King, host Grace Gladys Famoriyo shares two of the keys to financial liberty.

Financial Liberty

Grace founded Multiple Income Women to help women achieve financial liberty. She has been using God’s wisdom and Scriptures throughout her 25 years of experience in coaching and helping women to develop financially. In this episode, she is sharing with us the fundamental keys that could ensure people to achieve financial liberty.

The first key is having a multiple income mindset. For one person to achieve financial freedom, she should have multiple streams of income. Especially during this time where everything is uncertain, our jobs are not that secured. It is safe for us to have another source of income for us to depend on when things don’t go as planned.

And the second fundamental key is making use of your God-given assets. Grace referenced 2 Kings 4 to emphasize that God has already given us the assets that we need to flourish. Every asset you have right now has been given to you by God.

“God is the god of strategy for every situation,” Grace said. “So, He has given us the asset. He’s told us how to position it and then how to market it. But in addition to that, He then says ‘live on that for the rest of your days.’”

Open Heaven

After the difficult season, we all have been through, Grace believes that this is now the season of opportunities. Right now is the season when the Body of Christ will start to take claim of the land.

God has also given us the wisdom on how we could make value out of every asset we have.

“Whatever it is, God has given you that gift to turn that into something of value,” she added.

There’s open heaven for everyone right now. Open heaven of opportunities, breakthroughs, and financial freedom!

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, I want you to realize that whatever blockages, Father is saying to you that there’s an open heaven.”

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