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King David’s Mighty Men

King David’s Mighty Men
King David’s Mighty Men

David’s account in the Bible has been full of heroic and brave stories. Even before he was crowned king, he had a group of people he ruled over. But, those people were not mighty in the first place. The Bible described them as “desperate, in debt, and discontented.” Nevertheless, under David’s leadership, they became the mighty men that helped him secure his throne and supported him during his reign.

Mighty Men

Moreover, these men were very powerful that they had their own brave stories to tell. Below are just some of David’s strong warriors (2 Samuel 23:8-39):

  1. The Three Champions
    Among others, three champions stood out from the rest. They were Jashobeam, Eleazer, and Shammah. Jashobeam was the chief of the captains. He had killed 800 men at once with his spear. Eleazer fought alone with David when all of their allies retreated. He stood his ground and brought victory to the team. Shammah also stood against an army of Philistines. He successfully defended a field of barley when the enemies plotted for exploit.
  2. “The Three”
    “The three” were the three warriors who broke into the enemy’s camp when David longed for a drink from the water inside the enemy’s territory. They remained unnamed, but their loyalty was noteworthy.
  3. More honored than ‘The Three.’
    Abishai was the commander and most honored among David’s thirty leading warriors. He killed 300 men, including a son of a giant, by using his spear. His powerful efforts gained him the reputation of being more honored than “the Three.”
  4. Lion and giant-slayer
    Benaiah was the captain of David’s guard. He slew two Moabite heroes, an Egyptian giant with just a club on hand and a lion during the winter. He also helped Solomon in his reign after David passed away.

1 Chronicle 11:10-47 and 2 Samuel 23:24-39 account for the other warriors and their epic exploits.

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