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Lacey and Josh Sturm Talk About Overcoming Fear

Couple Opens Up About Mental Health

Lacey and Josh Sturm Talk About Overcoming Fear
Lacey and Josh Sturm Talk About Overcoming Fear

The pair talked about their experiences with mental health. “I was dealing with depression in college,” Josh said. “I was dealing with depression, fear, and night terrors. Before I went to college my dad gave me a scripture. He wrote it on a piece of paper and printed it out. It was Proverbs 3:5. “That was a really important verse for me to have. It became my life verse.”  Josh continued, “To trust in the Lord. You know, I think when we don’t trust we get into a fearful place. Actually, my mom named me Joshua 1:9.”

Josh said that his mom had a lot of complications at birth and the nurse told her to be strong and very courageous. 

“When you read Joshua, he says it so many times! Be strong and very courageous. That’s the opposite of fearful, courageous.” Josh said. “I feel like God knew some of the things I was struggling with within my lifetime and having that key to being courageous. To trusting in Him. When we don’t trust someone, it’s because we are afraid of something. So trusting is a big one. I can see clearly some of the things in my life that were causing fear; that were causing depression. Once I started to shut the doors in those areas, they stopped.”

Love Over Fear

Lacey followed Josh and said that one of the things about that verse that is so powerful is be strong and very courageous, for I am with you. Lacey said that if we actually knew and believed that then what could we face? She asks the question, what is left? 

“God is love. Love drives out fear,” Lacey said. “We can go into anything and know that He’s with us. You have to choose to remember that and believe that.”


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