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Lana Vawser Calls For Prayer

Prophet Lana Vawser is crying out for rain in Queensland Australia

Lana Vawser Calls For Prayer
Lana Vawser Calls For Prayer

Within the last 24 hours, several fires have broken out in Queensland Australia, both along the Sunshine Coast, and breaking out in other parts of Australia as well.

Prophet Lana Vawser, native to Australia, is calling out for prayer.

She posted on her Facebook page just within the last 24 hours that even she has been evacuated from her home.

Prayer for all involved

There have been 10 reported homes destroyed by the fire, but we pray that there will be no more!

Lana later posted an update after daybreak in Australia reporting that winds have, unfortunately, picked up and the fires are moving rapidly.

“Currently the level of emergency has escalated in our area. There are very high winds and the fire is moving rapidly and the firefighters are finding it very challenging.”

We pray for the winds to die down and for the rain to fall on Queensland, Australia! We pray for safety over homes, roads and safe transportation for those fleeing the area.

There have been too many outbreaks of fire recently… In Northern and Southern California, in many other places in the US, and now in Australia. We need to lift our prayers and believe for God to move in power.

We are those who believe that God still moves. And in this time of need, we need our prayers to be covering everyone involved. From the homeowner to the firefighter. We pray for a miracle and we pray for the restoration of all that has been lost.

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