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Authorities Recovers Naya Rivera’s Body While ‘Glee’ Stars Pray At The Edge Of Lake

BY Rhoda Gayle

Are You Believing Lies?

BY Jenna Winston

A Worldwide Revival Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

BY Christel Berns

Terry Crews Supports Shutting Down Pornhub

BY Christa Gomez

Doing What Jesus Did With Robby Dawkins

BY Jared Laskey

History Class Is In Session, Pay Attention, Don’t Forget

BY Corine Channell

John Crist returns with video message after 8 months: “I needed to get some help”

BY Christa Gomez

5-Year-Old Experiences Jesus During Lockdown

BY Increase

Black Man Adopts A White Boy Abandoned At A Hospital And Shows Him What A Loving Family Is

BY Rhoda Gayle

Moving In Faith From Kronos Time To Kairos Time

BY John Mathai

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