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Jonathan Cahn Calls For Day Of Prayer And Repentance For America: ‘It Can’t Just Be Prayer. It’s Got To Be Repentance.’

BY Christa Gomez

PA Fears Growing Major Cracks In The Arab Initiative

BY The Israel Insider

Man Whom Tim Tebow Prayed Over At A Baseball Game Is Seizure-free

BY Christa Gomez

Reckless Grace – The Gift. The Mystery. The Embrace.


What Does It Mean to Be a Modern-day Media Missionary?

BY Al Gibson

Former Victoria Secret Model Nicole Weider Talks About Her God-given Purpose And Identity

BY Christa Gomez

Teens Lost At Sea For 2 Hours Prayed, Then God Sends A Boat Named ‘AMEN’

BY Christel Berns

JT Realmuto Of Philadelphia Phillies Shares About His Christian Faith

BY Rhoda Gayle

‘Uncompromising Efforts’: Israel Welcomes US Renewed Sanctions On Iran

BY The Israel Insider

Which Heaven Are You Operating From?

BY John Mathai

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