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Dallas Quarterback, Dak Prescott, Is Excited For God’s Comeback Story After Injury

BY Christa Gomez

10-Years-Old Boy Walks 1,700 Miles From Italy To England To Do Something Amazing

BY Rhoda Gayle

Heroes of the Faith: Charles Simeon

BY J.John

Jerusalem Names Entry Leading To Old City After 2 Fallen Female Soldiers

BY The Israel Insider

New Zealand Restaurant Customers Rescues Chef Working Alone After Staff Didn’t Showed Up

BY Rhoda Gayle

“Another Historic Day In The Middle East:’ First Official United Arab Emirates Delegation Lands In Israel

BY The Israel Insider

Woman Bedridden For 9 Years Gets To Dance Again After Receiving God’s Miracle

BY Christa Gomez

In Bizarre Criticism, Gal Gadot Slammed For Landing Role Of Cleopatra – Because She Is Israeli

BY Ron Cantor

Hollywood Stars Left LA To Grow In Christian Faith: ‘We Never Fit The Hollywood Mold’

BY Christel Berns

God’s Word For You Today: God Will Supply All Your Needs


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