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Someone Is Destroying Monuments of the Ten Commandments


I Started Living in Freedom When I Let Go of Control

BY Hayley Tearall

Saul’s Forfeiture of Kingship: The Idolization of Power, Influence and Authority.

BY Vance K Jackson

YOU Are Called to the Nations

BY Nadine Sumithra

God Is Not Like Man – He Really Cares About You: My Encouraging Encounter With God

BY Abby Vision

Did You Know that God’s Calendar is Different than Ours?

BY Rewa Bela

Can we change the world $100 at a time? This Christian entrepreneur thinks so!

BY Matthew Bell

Movies with a Message: Monsters Inc (2001)

BY Simon Dillon

Prayer 101

BY Wade McHargue

Don’t Worry! You Are Not Alone! God Sees Us!

BY Jim Leamon

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