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Six Reasons Why You’re Not Necessarily Right (and Neither Am I)

BY Tony Cooke

What I’ve Learned So Far in My Marriage That Can Change Yours

BY Kelsie Fargo

I Was Drowning in Life’s Worries, But Then I Found Grace

BY Beth Jones

God Wants to Make Your Heart His Home: Will You Give Him the Key?

BY Daphne Delay

How I Found My Purpose in a Small Act of Kindness

BY Lee Holbrook

Know What You Possess: Children are Gifts from God

BY Nadine Sumithra

WATCH: Man Who Walked Across America Carrying the Cross, John Edwards, Preaches Jesus From Hospital Bed


Let There Be Light! Here’s How to Allow God to Shine His Light in Your Life.

BY Vance K Jackson

A Lesson in Identity: Do You Really Know Who You Are?

BY Adeline Asante-Antwi

J. John Is Rallying You and Your Neighbors to Worship at Emirates Stadium on the 8th of July!


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