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LISTEN: Bethel Music Taught Me to Declare That “It Is Well” In Every Storm!

BY Nathan Simpson

LISTEN: We Find Victory When We Learn How to Praise God In Any Circumstance: Hillsong United – “Even When It Hurts”

BY Nathan Simpson

There Is a Voice Calling You…Can You Hear Him? How Will You Answer?


Movies With a Message: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

BY Simon Dillon

Broken Crayons Still Color! – A Miraculous Testimony From Sri Lanka


How Talking to God Every Night Before Bed Helped Me Overcome Insomnia

BY Rienzi Mosqueda

It’s Called Living! Stop Letting Your Emotions Get the Best of You

BY Daphne Delay

Warning: Connections, Money, Intelligence, and Beauty Will Not Give You Success In Life

BY Adeline Asante-Antwi

Our Adoption Dairies Part 3: Here’s How You Can Adopt

BY Jill Turner

I Learned a Vital Life Lesson When Trying To Hang a Shelf: You Need a Level

BY Janna O'Donnell

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