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Lauren Daigle Sings Amazing ‘Virtual Rendition’ Of Hit Song ‘Still Rolling Stones’

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Lauren Daigle Sings Amazing ‘Virtual Rendition’ Of Hit Song ‘Still Rolling Stones’
Lauren Daigle Sings Amazing ‘Virtual Rendition’ Of Hit Song ‘Still Rolling Stones’

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues and many obediently follow the social distancing order. Most individuals of different walks of life play their part in order to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus cases. And amid this crisis, Lauren Daigle joins other popular artists who put up virtual renditions of their songs and sang social distancing version of “Still Rolling Stones.”

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Due to the global crisis, a number of outdoor activities were canceled. That includes large gatherings like concerts. Because of this, many musicians held online concerts and sang virtual renditions of their songs instead. Garth Brooks, Tori Kelly, Switchfoot, and Michael W. Smith, to name some Christian artists.

Lauren Daigle’s Still Rolling Stones

On Sunday, the well-known Christian artist Lauren Daigle released a virtual rendition of her hit song “Still Rolling Stones”. She called the song her “Social Distancing Version”.

Further, the 28-year-old wrote on Instagram, “I had so much fun with all my bandmates putting this together for you. From all of us, we hope you enjoy the social distancing version of ‘Still Rolling Stones!”

Lauren performed with her bandmates in the video. But only through recorded clips from each member in their respective homes edited to make them seem together.


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The song has now more than 500,000 views on Instagram and over 200,000 views on YouTube.

Instagram user navintos38 applauded Lauren saying, “you did it again. This song is so alive in that God ministers through EVERY SINGLE WORD sung. Thank you for your gorgeous heart.”

Another user commended not just the two-time Grammy Award winner, but also her whole band. User mstoner5317 wrote, “YEEESSSSS!!! Amazing! And your backup singers are on POINT! You can tell the whole team loves what they do!!”

Indeed, the whole team is passionate about what they’re doing.

Watch how Lauren and her team did such an amazing job of their social distancing version of “Still Rolling Stones”!

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