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Woman With Autism Becomes A Lawyer

It's time to break the stereotypes!

Woman With Autism Becomes A Lawyer
Woman With Autism Becomes A Lawyer

A woman from South Florida with autism broke through all the stereotypes when she became a lawyer.

Haley Moss

Haley Moss struggled as a toddler. She couldn’t speak very well although she excelled at tasks such as jigsaw puzzles and reading. Her parents could see her giftings, but she still could not speak. Eventually, they decided to have her evaluated by a doctor. At the age of three, Haley was diagnosed with autism.

Autism Spectrum

The autism is a neurological disorder that affects the development of a person that begins in early childhood. It affects how a person acts, engages, communicates and learns. It often last throughout a person’s entire life.

In Haley’s case, she could solve complex jigsaw puzzles, but could not communicate. She would often scream in an attempt to communicate. But one year after her diagnosis, she started to speak and began developing quickly.

Breaking Stereotypes

Since early childhood, Haley had always had to prove that her ability was far greater than her disability. In May 2018, Haley graduated from the University of Miami School of Law and spoke during the commencement ceremony. In January 2019, Haley passed the Florida Bar exam, making her the first openly autistic person to do so.

Today, at the age of 25, Haley is practicing law that focuses on healthcare and international matters. She also advocated for children with disabilities. Her ultimate goal is to inspiring others by her success.

“Whether it’s somebody on the spectrum that says ‘Thank you for sharing your story,’ or it’s a parent of a newly-diagnosed child that tells me, ‘Wow, you gave me so much hope for my kid. I can’t wait to see what my kid’s going to be able to do when they get older.’ Yes, it’s definitely an impact,” Haley said.

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Reference: CBS News 

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