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Leading Kids Into Worship

"I want children in my presence as well."

Leading Kids Into Worship
Leading Kids Into Worship

In an episode of The Worship Factor, one woman from Tampere, Finland shares how she began leading kids into worshipping the Lord.

Leading Kids Into Worship

Worship leader Johanna Särkkälä has already been leading worship for years when the Lord called her into something more. God called her to lead and teach the little children to worship Him. She responded boldly to that calling and created a worship ministry for kids.

“I’ve been leading worship for years and years then all of a sudden I felt like the Lord said to me, ‘Okay Leona, it’s wonderful that you’re leading people in My presence, but what about the children? I want children in my presence as well.’ It really hit me strongly.”

The prophetic worship teacher started composing worship songs for children. Together with her team, they made worship fun and engaging for the little ones. They also got their parents and families involved in it as well.

“Mary’s Worship Song”

Johanna then shared she wrote the “Mary’s Worship Song,” her newly released worship song. It was a very personal song for her and it came from a deep pain from her experiences the past year. During one of her worship times to the Lord, the song came out of her as a sigh of relief. Johanna felt relief from all her pain in the presence of the Lord.

“God, even when this has been so painful and so difficult, this presence, what I’m feeling here, it was worth it. This is what I want, I want to live in your presence, and I want to be like Mary who’s sitting at your feet. I want to be that woman who came to Jesus and poured the expensive oil. I want to be that oil, I want to be poured over You as an act of worship.”

Johanna worshipped the Lord with all of herself during her deepest pain. Even when you don’t feel like worshipping the Lord because of all you’ve been through, still worship the Lord. It’s in His presence there is peace, it’s in His presence there is comfort for us. Never stop worshipping the Lord.

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