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Learnings From The Laboratory Of Life

Entrusting our life to God could lead us to fascinating breakthroughs.

Learnings From The Laboratory Of Life
Learnings From The Laboratory Of Life

I remember my Chemistry class when I was in school. I was so eager to go with my team every time we went to the laboratory to experiment on something. We loved to see the results and know if we were successful with our tests. There would be times that our predictions were right and there would be occasions that we didn’t know what went wrong.

Every event that happens to us has a specific purpose. We may not be able to control the condition and the outcome we’re in, but we can be assured that God is not like a mad scientist doing trial and error in our lives.  Unlike our limited capacity, God knows exactly what He’s doing.

Sometimes we think we’re like Einstein, “we got all figured out”, that we want to skip certain processes in our life. In reality, the very thing we wanted to skip may be the one thing that could lead us to a breakthrough. Let’s go through the process. We need to live with an awareness that there’s always more to learn.  Be observant.

God’s Laboratory

Our omniscient God knows what can mold us and shape us to be the best person He meant us to be. Like a chemist, He will mix our experiences like compounds with trials to bring about a better product – US.  He may even allow us to be incubated to be under the right condition for us to develop. Our growth is set in motion by the difficulties and sufferings we face. We can’t control all factors in our lives like a planned experiment, yet we can be certain that God is behind the scene working it out for our good.

Look at the bigger picture of what God is trying to do for you because most of the time, our view of our situation is “myopic”. We’re too focused on the problem that we fail to recognize God’s intervention.

Surrender all your doubts to God and allow Him to work in you. You will be fascinated with the groundbreaking discoveries He can do in your life as you lay your trust on Him.

Psalm 37:5 ESV“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.”

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