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Do You Want to Learn to Communicate Better? Here’s How!

Let’s Get Real about Communication

Communicating is something we all do, sometimes with words! It’s all too easy in this fast-paced life to misinterpret what someone is saying. Social media and texting have taken away so much of our face to face communication. Even as you read this you can’t hear my tone of voice…  So, it’s always good to discover how we can communicate better and in this episode of Let’s Get Real and we hear from two communications experts who have much to share.

First up is Cherlene ‘Cecie’ Wilson, who is an ‘intuitive success coach’, speaker and author. Cecie shares how we can overcome the damage of negative communication in our lives. She shares her powerful testimony of overcoming abuse, rape, being in a gang and issues around sexual purity.

Cecie wrongly learnt, as I did that in order to be loved you had to be sexual. Getting love became performance-based. “If I do this, then I’ll get that”. The world she was in was communicating to her that in order to be loved you had to be sexual.

However Cecie spent time at Bethel Church and experienced real love. “I felt like there was so much love there I didn’t know what to do with the love and the realisation that I don’t have to perform, because to me to get love was always about performance.”

Negative Communication

There are many examples of negative communication that need to be overcome. For example SEX does not equal LOVE. In the world, we live in it’s easy to pick up on the subtle messages being constantly pumped out to us as ‘sex sells’. Cecie found herself in a situation where her voice was stolen by a man grooming her. She felt unable to talk to anyone what was happening to her out of shame.

Sex is everywhere and for Christians seeking to live Godly lives, this is a problem. The solution is restoring godly communication. Cecie now runs ‘Purity Talks’ that help people unravel the lies and dig for their gold helping them to heal and fulfill their destiny. See for more information.

Let’s learn from each other

Jo Frost of the Evangelical Alliance (pictured) joins the panel to talk about her work as communications director for the British organisation that represents two million evangelical Christians in the UK. “The Evangelical Alliance loves to build a big table so we can all get around it and learn from each other,” she says.

Being in communications, Jo is responsible for getting people to talk to each other from different spheres including Church and Government bodies and is passionate about communicating the Gospel message everywhere. She recognises we are made in the image of God and God is a relational being, so relationship and communication is at the heart of all we do.

Jo Frost of the Evangelical Alliance

As Jo points out, communication is at the heart of every relationship, even within ourselves. Do you find yourself being negative towards yourself? Do you doubt you hear from God? Watch the video above and be inspired to communicate better with yourself and others.

All of the panel recognise the need to be quiet before the Lord in order to hear what He is saying. Alison Wilson says “I think if we can hear, Jesus whispers to us in the night. His whispers of love, it just changes everything”.

Cecie says that at one point she was afraid of silence for fear she’d hear something she didn’t want to. But if we want to grow more Christlike we have to be able to hear the Lord. Do you take time out to be silent before Him? He loves you and has grace for you, no matter what you’re going through as Chris Larkin says, ” He loves us too much to leave us as we are”.

Take time out to be silent and hear what the Lord is trying to say to you… You may be pleasantly surprised!

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This article was written by UK author and speaker, Deborah Armin who is a graduate of the London School of Theology. Her book On My Way Home: One Woman’s Journey in Search of the Unknown God, is published by Authentic Media. Deborah is also a staff writer for





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